Know What You Are Purchasing Before You Buy!

Cheap Price, Brand Names and Designers does not mean you are making a quality purchase.  Know what you are
buying before you hand over your hard earnedBetenly Vincent Suit 150 money.  Something to good to be true often is.  There is a lot of cheaply made clothing that is flooding the markets often disguised with a label with a lot of marketing cost.

sport coats 150Good garments are made with good fabrics that are high performance, year round and will last more than a couple of seasons. It is using good components properly sewn and stitched.  Quality, threads, buttons, linings, interfacings, padding and pocketing.  Saving pennies in making a garment can be the difference of how the garment will wear, fit, go through the cleaning process and remain in the wardrobe.

Get out of the disposable cycle.  It is better to buy better quality and fewer garments and create a longevity wardrobe or the wardrobe becomes replacements instead of adding to it.

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