Is There A Difference in Custom and Made-to-Measure Clothing?

aj navy stripe suitThe answer is yes! Simply put, Custom Clothing uses a few measurements, where Made-to-Measure is from scratch. Great cakes are made from the best ingredients, all from scratch.3 mtm women pic in suits 2 3 17 Definitely, not something that comes out of a box.

Made-to-Measure is the cumulative of many measurements so a careful crafted pattern is created. It is the ultimate in comfort and fit and longevity. There are over 200 steps in making a garment that will take 4 to 6 weeks to make. It is not a rush process, that is for sure.

Made-to-Measure offers what is not available in off-the-rack and custom clothing.  The choices of fabrics are vast and come from the Worlds best Mills.

Whether the fit is classic, modern, slim or trim, it is a garment made for the wearer like no other. The workmanship and attention to detail is outstanding. So comfortable to wear. Made-to-Measure is Clothing at the next level.


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April is Foot Health Awareness Month

Sockwell Socks are crafted Therapeutic Socks in a
Lifestyle look.  Made in Men’s and Women’s moderate and firm compression that are excellent circlation-compressionsupport that promotes circulation, minimizes swelling and helps reduce fatigue.  Sockwell is ideal for travel, sitting, standing, on the move and no matter what you have great support that you are wearing.  Sockwell is made of high performance custom crafted yarns and outstanding quality and fit.  Features natural moisture management, odor control and thermo-regulation.   Sockwell Socks are now available in Men’s Over-the-Calf Moderate Compression Socks at Bel Air Fashions and Women’s by Special Order.


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