Lifestyle Dress…What is it? by Dick Lerner

Simply put, its Professional…just not a Suit.  For many companies, not all, it is the evolution of  workplace dress that has been relaxed.  Workspace is open, not confined, which has collaboration and creativity and encouraged relaxed dress.  It doesn’t mean work done is any less productive, it has been enhanced.

Lifestyle Apparel is the best of fabrics that are comfortable and feature the best of technology.  Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing fullfills this niche with the best of easy care, strech, pack n go, quick dry, moisture wicking, UPF + protection to name a few. 

Its clothing that is comfortable, maintains its shape and looks great throughout the day.  Much of the clothing is Eco and Sustainable.  Made by responsible manufacturers that have a great carbon foot print for the environment.  Minimize waste and make great use of natural resources:  Bamboo, Hemp and Organic Cotton are soft, strong, breathable and other characteristics that make up into outstanding apparel.

Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing features the best of fabric and technology, that is quality, affordable and longevity. Apparel you can mix and match, wear year round and looks professional!

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