Outside this Summer/Fall? Don’t take a chance of getting bit by Insects! by Dick Lerner, Bel Air Fashions

If you are going to be out in the Woods, Forest, Mountain Trails or Beach don’t take a chance getting bit by a tick or insect carried diseases.  It is not worth getting Lyme disease, West Nile, Zika, EEE an other diseases.  Protect yourself! InsectShield Apparel puts a barrier between you and insects.  InsectShield is bonded to the clothing and stays there. It does not transfer to your skin.  InsectShield is safe and it works!

InsectShield is available on Men’s and Women’s Hats, Neck Garters, Socks, Long-Sleeve Shirts and Tops, Pants and Outerwear.

The fabrics are high tech, easy care, quick dry, upf+ sun protection and durable.  InsectShield is effective for up to 70 washings.  These garments don’t need to be cleaned very often and you will last.  Protect yourself from getting bit.

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