BelAir Fashions is the authorized dealer for the Adrain Jules and Platinum International lines of custom clothing in Nebraska! These lines are carefully selected by Dick and Shelly Lerner in order to bring made-to-measure men’s clothing with super high quality garments at an incredible price points.

BelAir Fashions is able to offer four different men’s silhouettes to fit almost all body types and fulfill most styling requirements. We offer a wide variety of embellishments to personalize our garments for our most discerning clients. All silhouettes are offered in suits, sport coats, trousers, vest, tuxedos, and topcoats. We carry both pleated and flat front slacks.

The goal and mission of BelAir Fashions is to be the best value in the men’s clothing industry. Through our years of made-to-measure experience of offering high quality garments dovetailed with our extensive collection of world-class fabrics, you will discover that BelAir Fashions is the best value in the modern made-to-measure men’s clothing industry.

Clothing as unique as you. Do you crave clothing that is truly of a kind? It is hard for you to get a good fit from off the rack? We feature the finest made-to-measure manufacturers and exquisite fabrics from around the world.  Imagine yourself in clothing of impeccable quality and craftsmanship...made expressly for you. Made-to-measure shirts, slacks, suits, sport coats, topcoats and shoes.



 Adrian Jules - Platinum International  - Idesign Made-to-Measure Shirts