Is There A Difference in Custom and Made-to-Measure Clothing?

aj navy stripe suitThe answer is yes! Simply put, Custom Clothing uses a few measurements, where Made-to-Measure is from scratch. Great cakes are made from the best ingredients, all from scratch.3 mtm women pic in suits 2 3 17 Definitely, not something that comes out of a box.

Made-to-Measure is the cumulative of many measurements so a careful crafted pattern is created. It is the ultimate in comfort and fit and longevity. There are over 200 steps in making a garment that will take 4 to 6 weeks to make. It is not a rush process, that is for sure.

Made-to-Measure offers what is not available in off-the-rack and custom clothing.  The choices of fabrics are vast and come from the Worlds best Mills.

Whether the fit is classic, modern, slim or trim, it is a garment made for the wearer like no other. The workmanship and attention to detail is outstanding. So comfortable to wear. Made-to-Measure is Clothing at the next level.


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April is Foot Health Awareness Month

Sockwell Socks are crafted Therapeutic Socks in a
Lifestyle look.  Made in Men’s and Women’s moderate and firm compression that are excellent circlation-compressionsupport that promotes circulation, minimizes swelling and helps reduce fatigue.  Sockwell is ideal for travel, sitting, standing, on the move and no matter what you have great support that you are wearing.  Sockwell is made of high performance custom crafted yarns and outstanding quality and fit.  Features natural moisture management, odor control and thermo-regulation.   Sockwell Socks are now available in Men’s Over-the-Calf Moderate Compression Socks at Bel Air Fashions and Women’s by Special Order.


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Wear Clothing in Moderation…You will have Longer!

IMG_0487IMG_0485It is important to have enough clothing to get through the week. Clothing and other items in the Wardrobe were not made or designed to worn everyday or every other day.  Simply put, it means there isn’t enough clothing in the Wardrobe.  Even the best of quality garments wear out prematurely because of overwear.


Clothing can be worn once or twice a week at best anything else IMG_0486shortens the life of the garment.  Not having enough clothing will
actually increase how much is spent in the Closet.  Continuous washing and dry cleaning will eventually wear out the fabrics, linings, etc.

By cutting down the number of wearings and cleanings will advance the life of the wardrobe and wind up spending less.

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Ice Lock Technology ideal for Winter Footwear

Ideal for Winter Climate to help reduce falling and slipping on Ice and Wet surfaces.  Icelock Technology increases the grip on theNestfit Technology Fit construction illustration rev surface with increased traction and helps Ice Block by Treksta 12 18 16with balance.  Treksta is a leader in this technology.  They are the first producer of  shoes to truly fit the human foot.  Treksta’s Hypergrip are high performance rubber soles for outdoor, work and day-to-day recreational wear.  Treksta Shoes are available in Men’s and Women’s styles at Bel Air Fashions. Experience the comfort and fit unlike anything you have ever worn. Treksta Shoes are high quality and affordable.

Pearl Harbor, A Day that changed our Nation Forever!

Pearlpearl-harbor-2 Harbor on December 7, 1941 shocked our Nation to its core, the unthinkable happened.  It galvanized our great nation together like no other event in history. The “Greatest Generation” was recognized for all they endured on two warfronts and the sacrifices at home.pearl-harbor-memorial

The Nation was pinned on its heels, shocked and thus it organized and assembled all its might.  Its mission was fight until our enemies were defeated.  Democracy
pearl-harbor-pic-1paid a heavy price, but for the United States, it has been and always will be worth it.  It is still the greatest nation on earth!  We thank our United States Military for all they have done and all they do in providing the blanket of freedom!  We our grateful for their sacrifice and for their service to our great nation!  Today is a day of remembrance on this 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor! Remember and give Thanks.

Give a Gift of Quality

It use to be giving gifts were quality, not so much today.  Many of the trusted brands meant bitterness-of-cheap-225their merchandise was credible and would last.  Today most of these brand names and designers are out of business and their labgifts2els were sold.  Names are just names and haven’t been in business for years.  Much of this merchandise is never sold at regular price only sale prices.

Be wary of this during the holidays as so much of the discounted apparel is good for one thing, cheap price. Here is a good litmus test too know if you have a good garment:  Fabric is smooth, not rough or coarse.  Doesn’t wrinkle when you squeeze it, stitches are tight, not porous and when you hold the garment up in the light you can’t see through the fabric like plastic wrap.

There is not a lot of difference in price between a cheap and quality garment, but a world of difference in how it is made, fit and how long it will last.  This is the true cost of merchandise, in the end the quality garment will be around long after the holidays are over.

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Business Dress Guideline Every Professional Should Consider

ronaldo-iiiiWhether dress is a Suit or not, look like a professional, consistently.  Clothing should be made of high performance fabrics and quality linings, interfacings, tweed-jewel-neck-suitpadding, thread and buttons so garments make a compelling statement and will look great over time.  Other attributes of quality garments they don’t break down, stay and look fresh throughout the day.

Wardrobe items should fit well, clean, no body order, no stains or tears.  To look like a professional, your clothing needs to look like it is in its “A” game.  Your clothing and image should meet and exceed the expectations of those who you work with and clients.

Accessories should polish off your outfit, not the center of attention.  Grooming and Hygiene shows how you bistretch-suitronaldo-iiisweat the small details, including well manicured fingernails, no bushy necks or globs of hair growing out of the ear lobes or nostrils.

Business is not casual, for some companies it is the work spaces they create.  Clothing should never be transparent where undergarments should through or defined.  Your look should not be short, tight or revealing.  If you are management, look like management!


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Traveling this Summer? Are you a victim of overpacking? Break the cycle!

kuhl ss mens shirt
kuhl_ws_8229_futurass_seaport_back_copy_style_category kuhl womens ss vneckGetting ready for a trip doesn’t have to be burdensome.  The key is  when you acquire clothing, know what you are getting.   New technology in fabrics feature organic cotton, high performance, moisture wicking, quick dry, 4-way stretch, breathability, anti-odor and bug shield technology.  These fabrics are all out in the last few years.  Try to get clothing that contain many of these features.  It represents the best of Lifestyle Clothing especially wherever Summer Travel takes you.

Key in planning your travel wardrobe is have your trip planned out.  Where are you going, how long you will be in each venue, is it hot and dry or cold and wet and total kuhl_ms_5102_renegadecargo_short_khaki_back2_style_category kuhl shortslength of trip.  Then plan to get so many tops and bottoms and underwear.  It is important to get clothing you can roll up, hand wash 2011-2584_9999_gr athleisureand quick dry.  The fabrics will not only hang out, they are easy maintenance, and don’t take up much space.  This will allow you to take less clothing.  Wash in the sink at night, if need be, quick dry overnight and ready to wear the next morning.  This will cut out the bulk of what you pack in your suit case.

You may only need 3 pair of underwear instead of seven.  Having the right clothing, made of pack-n-go, high performance fabrics will allow you to pack less and be adequately packed for your travel.  It will make travel a breeze without the weight.

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Lifestyle Clothing and Accessories – Latest Technology

BithermicIMG_1595The NASA Space Program has made a quantum leap in everyday living more advanced and comfortable.  Lifestyle Clothing has embraced much of the technology.  Bithermic fabrics are made of the latest NASA technology that keep Astronauts temperature even in and out of the spacecraft.  Fabrics are so advanced in special weaving process of “micro-capsules” that it helps regulate temperature and comfort to anyone wearing the fabric.  It is much like the concept of a “Thermos”  – keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

IMG_1596The other technology adopted by NASA is the “Switch” interchange lens system for Sunglasses.  TheIMG_1598 lenses are made with switchable magnet lenses.  Lenses can be changed quickly according to need and keep the Astronauts eyes safe in the effects of Space.  You don’t have to be an Astronaut to get these wonderful sunglasses.  Very high quality and affordable.  A delight to have and keep your eyes safe in the heat of the summer and throughout the year.

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Know What You Are Purchasing Before You Buy!

Cheap Price, Brand Names and Designers does not mean you are making a quality purchase.  Know what you are
buying before you hand over your hard earnedBetenly Vincent Suit 150 money.  Something to good to be true often is.  There is a lot of cheaply made clothing that is flooding the markets often disguised with a label with a lot of marketing cost.

sport coats 150Good garments are made with good fabrics that are high performance, year round and will last more than a couple of seasons. It is using good components properly sewn and stitched.  Quality, threads, buttons, linings, interfacings, padding and pocketing.  Saving pennies in making a garment can be the difference of how the garment will wear, fit, go through the cleaning process and remain in the wardrobe.

Get out of the disposable cycle.  It is better to buy better quality and fewer garments and create a longevity wardrobe or the wardrobe becomes replacements instead of adding to it.

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