Spring '24 Kühl

Spring '24 Kühl now available! Experience the best of fabric and technology that is Eco, Sustainable and UPF+ Sun Protection. Experience the Kühl Fit, Comfort, Stretch and breathable. Garments that move with you and keep you comfortable. Wherever and Whenever Life takes you!

The One™ Shell Jacket by Kühl

The One™ Shell Jacket is unmatched...Wherever you go, this is jacket to have. The fabric is high performance that is soft, stretches, waterproof, reflective, lightweight and breathable. Great for walking on the beach, trekking in the rain forest, wherever life takes you.

Made to Measure Clothing is not just Dress Apparel!

Made to Measure Clothing is not confined to just Suits! Experience the best of Lifestyle Apparel made with the latest fabrics and technology. Garments that stretch, breathe, moisture wicking and so much more! Clothing made to your measurements and detailed how you like.

Elevate Your Made to Measure to a New Level!

Want to Elevate your Professional and Lifestyle Apparel? Experience Made to Measure taken to a whole new level, experience the latest fabrics, technology, colors and clothing models. Fabrics from Gladson, Carlo Barbera, Holland and Sherry, Drago, Scabal and so much more!

Upcoming Graduation? Job Interview?

This is your time to make a compelling Professional Statement for the next stage in your life. Not sure what to do? Wardrobe Planning is our expertise. Let us help you do it the right, the first time. Your new Professional look you create!

Radikl "Outsider"® Pant by Kühl...Let the Adventure Begin!

Treat yourself to this outstanding pant. Ideal for the outdoors, travel and everyday wear. It is durable, resiliant and adaptable to whatever the day brings. Made for performance, movement and breathable.

Invest Wisely in Your Apparel Acquisitions!

Clothing made to your own pattern; made according to your measurements. Get a great fit, design and fabric that you want. Over time, you will spend less, you have a better wardrobe that will last longer and mix n match.

Be Pro Active, Plan Ahead, Avoid a Nightmare!

Luggage with a name doesn't mean its quality or will last. Nothing is more irritating when you arrive and your luggage is destroyed. Briggs and Riley Travel Cases have the best Lifetime Warranty. There is a difference! In stock.

Warm Weather Travel Calling?

 If you are ready for a warm weather break, be sure to take Tasc with you.  Spoil yourself with the best of Bamboo and Organic Cotton.  Tops and bottoms that wish moisture, anti-odor, breathable, stretch and so comfortable to wear.  Great for Travel.

Best of Kühl for Winter!

Cold? Warm up with Kühl. Don't settle for lesser quality clothing when you can have Kühl. Kühl will last, fit, affordable and keep you toasty warm. Bel Air Fashions is well stocked, come and check out the best of Kühl! There is a difference, experience Kühl.

Need to Add to your Wardrobe?

Winter Clearance Underway! Need to add to your Wardrobe? This is the time to stop in. Selected merchandise taken from regular stock. It's all the good stuff that fits and will last. Select groups reduced, entire inventory not included. Making room for Spring.

Companies Returning to the Office...Is your Wardrobe Ready?

Companies are returning to the Office, is your Wardrobe ready? Professional Appearance should never be discounted. Professional Dress may be a Suit, it may be Lifestyle. Clothing should make a compelling Statement, not hold you back. its our expertise! Let us help you.

Akkomplice™ by Kühl

Gives new meaning to Base Layer. Made of KoreKontrol™ Fabric, it absorbs moisture and wicks away, quick drying and comfort throughout the day with the 3D patterning gives outstanding fit for Men's and Women's Tops and Bottoms. Warm and Breathable.

Renegade™ Pant by Kühl

Renegade™ Pant is made for the Outdoors, Travel and Every Day Wear.  One of Kühl's best pants! It has an articulated knee which is ideal for freedom of movement, soft shell fabric that is not only durable, the stretch fabric makes it so comfortable to wear.  It also features Sun Protection of 50+.  The fabric is easy care, pack n go and quick drying which is ideal for travel.  It is abrasive and water resistance.  Renegade is a favorite.  Please see Video Below.

Revolt Jean™ by Kühl

The Revolt™, is classic styled, super soft-stretch and one of the most comfortable jeans available and only as Kühl can do it. Complete freedom of movement and motion the stretch fabric provides and it has total recall, maintains shape and fit. Tapered Fit.  Please see Video Below.

Give the Gift of Warmth!

Give the Ultimate Gift of Warmth...Arktik™ Down Parka! Stay warm and dry only as Kühl does it. The Arktik™ is fully insulated, 100%, 800-fill (RDS Certified) goose down and the water-resistant PU coated synthetic fabric is made for winter! Available in both Men's & Women's. Please see the Video below.

Give the Gift of Made to Measure!

Looking for a Special Gift? Give the Gift of Made to Measure! Clothing, Shirts, Pants and Outerwear made specifically made for the individual  measurements.  There is nothing like it and a Gift that will be treasured for years to come.  Available for Men and Women.

Give the Gift of Shakaloha

Give one of the Best Gifts Available.  Handmade Shakaloha New Zealand Sheep Wool Knit Jackets in Nepal that are unique in design and so warm for the cold days ahead.  Available in store now! Please see Video below.

Give the Gift of Briggs & Riley Bags!

Give the Gift of Briggs & Riley Bags. Bags that a Lifetime Warranty! Luggage that will last long after the Holidays and get to the travel destination in tact each and every time! In stock and special orders welcome!

TravelSmart Non-Iron Cotton Shirts

TravelSmart, experience the best in Men's and Women's Non-Iron Cotton Made-to-Measure Shirts. This outstanding collection of fabrics are made to your specifications. Shirts will hold their shape and remain crisp throughout the day and have a high 3.5 Durable Press Rating!

2023 Kühl Women's Sweaters

New for Fall 2023 Kühl Women's Merino Wool Sweaters! If you want comfort and fit, look no more! Buttery soft fabrics, cozy warm, attention to detail and unique looks only as Kühl can do it! See for yourself, in stock now while they last.

Bel Air Fashions Fall/Winter 2023 Professional, Lifestyle & Made-to-Measure Look Book

Bel Air Fashions Fall Professional, Made-to-Measure & Lifestyle Look book! Great new Fall/Winter Looks will give an idea how to create outfits that will be your go to items! Bel Air Fashions Fall Professional & Lifestyle Look book! http://1l.ink/3MC43TG

Carry-on Duffle Bag

Carry-on Duffle by Briggs & Riley, one of the most popular bags for a Weekend or 3 to 5 day Business Trip. It is light to carry, stores a lot and doesn't take up much space. It is the bag for short trips. Hanging garments don't get crushed. Want a great bag...search no more!

Best of 2023 Fall/Winter

Below, see our new 2023 Fall/Winter Lookbook

Best of Lifestyle Made to Measure...

Fit, Fabrics and Comfort there is nothing like it! If you want to upgrade your look, experience the best of Made to Measure. It is our Expertise! Picture yourself! You will be amazed at the variety and choices you have. Come see us!

Want the Best Stretch Jean?

Kühl Jeans, offered from women's skinny to men's relaxed. Want to upgrade your Jeans? Try a pair of a high performance stretch denim premium cotton Jeans. So comfortable to wear and a great fit. Get the best in freedom of movement and outstanding performance. Available now!

Did You Know? Organic Fabrics that last!

Tired of clothing that doesn't last, look good and fabric that breaks down. Organic fabrics are the best to build a wardrobe with, that you will have and add to over time. Need Help? Contact Bel Air Fashions, we will guide you.

Headed Back to the Office? Your Wardrobe Ready?

Never discount the importance of Dress & Appearance. Don't let it be a reason not to get ahead or putting that all important deal together. Not sure what to do? Wardrobe Planning is our Expertise. Let Bel Air Fashions help you!

Upcoming Wedding?

We are here to help! If you have been recently locked out of your Wedding or cancelled because of Supply Chain Issues please contact us. We are reliable and dependable. We were here yesterday and will be here tomorrow! You can depend on Bel Air Fashions!

Experience Comfort Ease Made to Measure Shirts...Comfort and Fit at its Best!

Shirt made for you on your own measurements and pattern. Experience the latest in pure cotton stretch technology, innovative wrinkle resistance and sophisticated look! Inquire today.

Elevate Your Fitness and Lifestyle Apparel!

Tasc Performance garments are perfect for your active lifestyle. Be spoiled with wearing Bamboo and Organic Cotton. There is nothing like it. Soft, breathable, anti-odor, stretch, moisture wicking and UPF+ Sun Protection. See what is new.

Experience Lifestyle Made to Measure: Best of Fabrics, Technology and Stretch!

Designed for the best of Lifestyle for whenever and where ever life takes you. Tired of the same old…same old? Can’t find what you want or the fit you want? Look no more! Experience made to measure that fits your lifestyle. Experience the best of Fabrics & Technology at Bel Air Fashions.

Radikl® Shorts by Kühl...The Ultimate in Comfort and Fit!

The Radikl®  is durable, lightweight, easy care, pack n go and so comfortable to wear. The fit moves with you and features a gusseted crotch, stretch inside & outside leg panels. The Rhinotek™ fabric is tough as nails.

UPF+50 Sun Protection from Harmful Rays

Get UPF+50 Sun Protection and stay cool with Kühl's Eclipser™. There is nothing like the feel of this ultra soft long-sleeve that feels cool to the skin and releases heat. This Top is easy care, premium stretch, resist odor and Kühl fit makes this top a must for the outdoors.

Traveling? Help prevent Blood Clots wearing Over-the-Calf Compression Socks!

Whether on a Plane or Car Trip and sitting for long periods of time can and does cause DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis - deep vein blood clots in the lower leg, thigh and other parts of the body). Mild and Firm Compression Sock promote circulation, help avoid leg pain and swelling, prevents blood from sitting in the legs and helps decrease the possibility of blood clots especially in flight. There are many other benefits from wearing compression socks.

Among the best is Sockwell Compression Socks, which are made of home grown American Merino Wool. Sockwell Socks are outstanding quality, and keep feet cool and drier by absorbing and wicking moisture. Want to know more be sure to inquire about Sockwell. Your feet and legs will feel the difference!

Mountain Khakis

Mountain Khakis not just for the Mountains, Men's and Women's Tops and Bottoms so ideal for the Beach and all Water Sports this Summer, see what is new! 

When the Event calls for Formal Wear!

We specialize in Formal Wear, from Off-the-Rack to Made-to-Measure.  There is a difference, you will be amazed all that is available.

Father's Day June 18th

Father's Day is June 18th...Give Dad the Gift of Kühl! Clothing as active as he is! So comfortable to wear, breathable, stretch, UPF+ Sun Protection and so much more! Excellent In Stock selection available.

Kühl Clothing

Kühl is the dominant leader in Outdoor, Travel and Lifestyle Clothing. The best in Fabric, Technology, Eco and Sustainable Apparel, that last and not filling up the Oceans or Landfills. Clothing only as Kühl can do. Want to see Kühl, come and see us!

If the time has come, spruce up your Wardrobe with what is new from Kühl. Clothing is so right for the outdoors, travel and everyday wear. Experience the latest in Fabric and Technology only as Kühl can do it! In stock now.

Renegade Short by Kühl!

What else can you say? Shorts are active as you are and so comfortable to wear and active as you are. If you are looking to upgrade your Shorts look no further than Kühl! In-stock and special orders are welcome.

Is it Time?

Is it time to give your Wardrobe a Makeover? Stretch, lightweight, colors, new textures & weaves are some of what is new in Apparel this season. Lifestyle Clothing is relaxed and comfortable and it beats wearing sweats. Not sure what to do? Wardrobe Planning is our expertise!

Experience the Comfort of Tencel

Warm Weather Ahead...Experience the comfort of Tencel only as Kühl can do it! Tencel is so comfortable to wear, Eco and Sustainable. It is one of the best Lifestyle Fabrics available. Kühl Spring 2023 is available now. Ideal for Travel and Day to Day Wear.

Tired of Replacing Luggage?

Briggs & Riley Luggage and Bags are built to last and Guaranteed for Life...see Buy Side WSJ, CBS News, Today and Daily News have to say about Briggs & Riley Luggage. Our Clients love Briggs & Riley Luggage, you will to. Good variety in stock.

Move to West Omaha, Feb. 9, 1971

Third Generation, the same family-owned Clothing Store, made its West Omaha Move, opened on Feb. 9, 1971, in the Bel Air Plaza, 120th and West Center, and moved to our current location, 717 North 114th Street and opened on Feb. 16, 1986. Thank you, Omaha, for all the years! Over 100 years in Business and still going strong.

Office Cold?

Feel cold at work? This time of year is the coldest part of Winter. Stay warm with Kühl! There are many options, a Sweater, 1/4 zip or fleece; Kühl has you covered. See the latest from Kühl, and be comfy warm at work.

Are You Ready for the Coldest Part of Winter?

Winter has a long way to go. Are you ready for the coldest part of winter? We received shipments of Shakaloha and Kühl. If you want to stay warm and look great, do it with these terrific outerwear lines. Sold out earlier, now back in stock. These Coats sell fast!

Is Your Wardrobe Kühl Ready?

s Your Wardrobe Kühl Ready?

If Travel is to the warmth, take tops and bottoms that are breathable, lightweight, high performance, easy care and UPF+ Sun Protection. Imagine your Suit Case not weighing you down with these high-tech garments, and be amazed at their performance.

Ready for a Winter Break?

If your wardrobe needs a boost wherever travel takes you, we have new resort/spring shipments in stock. Let us help you with the latest UPF+ Protection, Easy Care and Pack n Go Apparel. Great new tops and bottoms you will love to wear in the warmth.

Upcoming 2023 Wedding?

Now is the time to start planning! The earlier, the better. Covid is very active and affecting manufacturing and deliveries. We have navigated through these last 3 years and successfully and delivered Wedding Suits In Tact and on Time. Let us help you!

Is there a Difference in Custom Apparel?

Yes! Made to Measure Clothing is made from scratch according to your body measurements. Most Custom Clothing today is based on a few of your body measurements. There is a difference...made to measure our specialty!

Are the Trade Winds Calling?

Tori Richard Clothing is made for Trade Wind Breezes and Poolside. Experience the feel of the finest Cotton Lawn Prints and the new Trade Wind Technology, Sun Protection and Moisture Wicking. New Men's arrivals In stock; Women's by Special Order.

Don't Get Caught in Winter's Fury!

Don't be left out in the Cold! Good selection of cold weather outerwear, fleece, sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves - in stock and more on the way. Don't freeze; protect yourself from the Artic Blasts this Winter! Winter is just getting started, be ready for it.

Give the Gift of Travel...Briggs & Riley! Give quality luggage that lasts and a Lifetime Guarantee! Bags that are built to last, everything inside arrives, and luggage is intact! Have Inventory in stock, don't wait; it goes fast.

Give the Best of Kühl!

You will be giving the best! Kühl Apparel is unique, a great fit, and durable. Not sure what to give? Consider a Kühl Fleece, quarter zip or outerwear. When you give a Kühl design, you are giving the best! Affordable and will last!

Give the Gift of Bamboo!

The Carrolton Collection by Tasc is one of the best and the one that started it all. Ideal for Fitness and Lifestyle wear, Bamboo and Organic Cotton at its best! Moisture Wicking, Anti-Odor, Breathable and Stretch. Give the Gift of Comfort!

Shakaloha...Give the Gift of Warmth...New Zealand Sheep Wool!

If you have been seeking the perfect gift, give a Shakaloha New Zealand Sheep Wool. Perfect for anyone's Lifestyle. Jackets are warm and made for the Outdoors. Available in Men's & Women's Styles.

Allett Wallets...RFID Protection

Allett is not your ordinary Wallet; they are thin, RFID protection that prevents credit cards from being scanned. Allett Thin Wallets hold a lot; whether credit cards, bills or receipts, they will stay thin. Makes a great gift.

Give the Gift of Fit Socks

Want to give a great gift? Its Fits Socks! Give comfort for Hiking, Running and Everyday Wear, and gift cushioned footbed socks made of superfine washable merino wool. Outstanding socks that wear and last! Give quality that is so affordable. Great selection available!

Gift Suggestions For Warm, Cold Travel and What to Take It in!

Give gifts that are Eco & Sustainable and are made of the latest Fabrics & Technology. Apparel that is pack n' go and looks great upon arrival. Arrive with the best luggage available. In stock now for the Holidays.

Give the Gift of Travel...Briggs & Riley Baseline Collection!

Give the best gift for travel...Briggs & Riley bags come with a Lifetime Guarantee! The Baseline Collection is among the best in the market. Questions? Please let us know. Baseline Bags in stock.

Want to Give A Great Gift this Holiday? Give the Gift of Kühl!

So unique! Kühl stands alone in styling, fabric creation, attention to detail, fit and Eco and Sustainable. Kühl clothing is preferred for the outdoors, day-to-day and lifestyle. In stock now for the Holidays.

Introducing Shakaloha Outerwear from The Netherlands

Introducing Shakaloha of The Netherlands, "Wool Jackets Life is for Living", made of the finest New Zealand Sheep Wool, for a natural look and finish and handcrafted in Nepal. So ideal for the cold winter days ahead. Stay cozy warm against Winters Fury! https://lnkd.in/g-ZkBcX9

Tori Richard 2022 Resort Line Now Available!

When the Tropics call, take Tori Richard's Cotton Lawn Prints, Tradewind Technology™ Tops and Bottoms with you. Experience the best in comfort, stretch, moisture - wicking apparel; Women's by Special Order.

Have You Got Your Kühl On?

Have you got your Kühl on for Fall 2022? See all the new Kühl...Innovation...Fresh New Styles! Stay warm and comfortable in clothing as active as you are! The latest in Fabric Technology...Warmth...Moisture Wicking...Easy Care and so much more! Now available at Bel Air Fashions

Want Shoes You Don't Want To Take Off?

Do you want shoes that make you feel like you are walking on a Cloud? Get to know Geox for Men and Women. Among the most comfortable and innovative shoes available. Outstanding Fit, Performance, Eco, Sustainable, Quality and Very Affordable. Available at Bel Air Fashions.

Cooling Off...Are You Ready?

Cooling Off...are you ready? Ready for something new and different? Try a Peregrine UK Waxed Cotton Jacket, Waffle English Wool Cardigan and more! Family Owned since 1796. Discover outstanding English quality and affordable, available now at Bel Air Fashions.

Briggs & Riley Torq 21" International Carryon Spinner

Briggs & Riley Torq Hard Case 21" International Spinner Carry On is functional, durable and comes with a " Simple as That"® Lifetime Guarantee! If you want luggage easy to Travel with and Last, look no more. Be sure to check out at Bel Air Fashions.

Briggs-Riley Garment Bag...So Right for Travel!

Traveling for a Job Interview, Business or Leisure? Don't want your Clothing to look crushed once you arrive? This amazing Garment Bag allows you to pack for multiple days. Your clothing arrives ready to wear! Visit www.belairfashions.com for more details.  Briggs-Riley Bags are guaranteed for Life.

Fall 2022 Lifestyle...Is Your Fall Wardrobe Weather Ready?

Clothing you Live in, Whenever and Wherever Life Takes you! Fabric & Technology at its best...to make clothing comfortable, easy care, pack n go, hold up, fit and look great!

@Work Spinner Brief

Imagine having a Brief Case that you can roll instead of having to carry it! Briggs & Riley created the Medium Spinner Brief that you can roll effortessly or piggy back it on a suit case especially when traveling.  Carry everything you need for Business in this well designed bag.  Have full motion and wheel this brief wherever you go. 

A Case for Giving now Through August 31st!

Now through August 31st, Donate a Briggs & Riley Wheeled Bag in decent condition and get $100 off a new Briggs and Riley rolling Bag! Donate a non Briggs & Riley rolling Bag in decent condition and get $50 off a new Briggs & Riley Rolling Bag! This is a Briggs & Riley sponsored Event. For more information contact Bel Air Fashions at 402-493-5160, phone/text, or by email, belairfashions@belairfa.com.asgasdfggdfg

Carryon Garment Duffel Bag by Briggs & Riley

The Garment Duffle Carryon is very popular for business and weekend travel.  This is one of the most creative garment bags out there.  It lightweight and easy to carry and store in the overhead bin when flying.  The garment bag zips up to a duffle and unrolls to a garment bag.  It is one of the best 2 in 1 bags available.  It allows packing from dress to casual.  Pack a Suit, Sport Coat and Pant and Shoes, Toiletries and anything leisure for Dress Down.  Find so many ways to use this bag only as Briggs and Riley can create it.  Get the best of a hanging garment bag and duffle all rolled up in one. Dimensions: 12.5" Height x 22" Width x 9" Depth. Weight: 4.2 lbs.

Do You Have Your Puffin Drinkwear Holder?

Do you have your Puffin? Keep your refreshments hot or cold, despite the weather. Puffins are fun, they come in a variety of styles and colors. Puffins are ideal on the trail, by the campfire or just chillin out.

Renegade™ Pant by Kühl

Renegade™ Pant by Kühl is one of the best pants for boating, hiking, climbing, travel and everyday wear. Made of Kühl's exclusive fabric called Duralux™. It is lightweight, stretch with you, great fit and durable. See Video for details!

Briggs and Riley Luggage and Bags

If you are tired of replacing luggage and bags prematurely and seek an alternative, isn't it time to consider Briggs & Riley? Briggs & Riley Bags are built to last and standup to the riggers of Travel. Briggs & Riley Bags come with an Lifetime Warranty. Available at Bel Air Fashions, Omaha, NE., for further details, please the Video.

Kühl Radikl®

Radikl® Pant by Kühl, is one of the best Outdoor Pants for Travel and the Outdoors. It is outstanding for comfort and fit. If you want a high performance fabric and technology that meets the challenge of hiking, climbing Fjords, Mountains or Glaciers do it with the Raikl®; you'll probably want more than one!

Premium Wool Stretch Slim Suit

Wool Washable Stretch Slim Suit now Available! Great all around garment that can be dressed up or down - easy care, holds it's shape, breathable and because stretch is built in the fabric, experience the ease of movement? It fits and looks great. Wear for Work, Weddings, Travel or wherever life takes you. Wear as a Suit or Soft Jacket. This will be a Wardrobe Essential! Comes in Mid-Gray and Cobalt Blue.

New Navy Slim Sport Suit

New! Navy Sport Travel Suit that is amazing! It is year round, natural stretch, anti - microbial, anti - wrinkle and washable! If you have been needing a slim suit for Travel, Weddings, Going Out and just about anything else that comes up, this Suit is ideal.  Dress up or down, this Suit is ready when you are.  It comes with its own convenient Travel and Washable bag, be sure to check it out.  Now available.

Silencr™ Short

Kühl Silencr Short, is great for Travel and Outdoor activities for the warm months ahead.  Stretch and comfort are key with Kühl Apparel.  UPF+ Sun Protection, easy care, pack n go and quick dry. If its travel, hiking or kicking back, Kühl is outdoor ready when you are. 


Attitudes - new for Spring/Summer 2022, Photo Montage of the Best of Outdoor and Lifestyle Clothing for Men and Women

Time to update Dad's Outdoor/Travel Wardrobe?

Time to Spruce up Dad's OutdoorTravel Wardrobe? Give Apparel he will love wearing and active as his Lifestyle! Please see Flip Book for Ideas: https://www.flipsnack.com/belairfashions/father-s-day-june19th/full-view.html

Marisa Tomei

The Art of Travel, a conversation with award winning actress, Marisa Tomei, sponsored by Briggs & Riley Luggage. Marisa is sharing her inspiration about Travel and Treasured Memories. More to come. Link to Video:

Kühl Renegade™

Ready to get out there? Do it with Kühl Renegade™ Shorts and Shirts...experience the comfort and fit that is so comfortable for outdoor activities, only as Kühl can do it! Kühl Clothing is made for the outdoors, see for yourself.

Kühl for the Warm Days Ahead

Kühl for Spring/Summer 2022 is available.  Kühl tops and bottoms are perfect for whenever and wherever life takes you.  The best of fabrics n technology, styling and fit.  Kühl Clothing is a match made for the Outdoors!

Travel Calling? Travel with the Best...Briggs & Riley Bags!

Tired of Buying Travel Bags over and over? Briggs & Riley Bags come with a Lifetime Warranty...there is a reason...they last! Bags that stand up to the test of time, no matter how they are handled during Transit. Briggs & Riley has your back!

Experience the Comfort of Geox!

Geox...give Foot comfort new meaning and great for the Environment! Geox Shoes among the most Eco and Sustainable. Geox has Shoes that Zero Shock in Walking, Waterproof and some Sneakers that slip-on that feel like you are wearing nothing. See what you've been missing!

Prana Warm Weather Clothing

Warm Days of Summer are coming, update your wardrobe with some of the best outdoor garments available. Prana Apparel is so Eco/Sustainable and the fabrics are perfect of UPF+ Sun Protection, moisture wicking, easy care and pack n go. Experience the comfort of hemp, tercel, modal, organic cotton and so much more!

Professional Women's Suits Available!

Women's Professional Suits and Suit Separates are Available! If you are in the need we can help. Off the Rack to Made to Measure are available. Please plan ahead and have a 1st and 2nd choice. There is more demand than supply available. If you are looking for a Professional Suit Separates or Made to Measure Suit, Welcome! Experience the latest in Fabric and Technology made into a terrific fitting Suit! There is a difference! We have and are still doing Women's Suits for over 40 years. Please call 402-493-5160 for more information.

Spring Has Sprung! Is your Kühl Clothing Ready?

Spring has Sprung! Is your Outdoor Clothing for the warm weather ahead? See whats new for Men & Women this Season. Some of the features are the great fit, easy care, pack n go, moisture wicking and UPF+ Sun Protection and the list goes on. If you need help, please let us know. Special Orders welcome!

Foot Pain?

Samuel Hubbard Shoes come Podiatrist Recommended. Shoes that feel like your walking on a cloud. See the Difference! Samuel Hubbard Men's Shoes in stock and Women's by special order. Bel Air Fashions has been fitting Feet for a long time, let us help you.

Is Your Wardrobe Spring Ready?

See all the new warm weather apparel from Kühl! Experience the comfort of Organic Cotton, Hemp, UPF+ Sun Protection and Stretch that is Beach Ready, Trail Ready or wherever and whenever Life takes you this Spring and Summer! Experience the comfort of Men's and Women's All Rounder by Mephisto. If you have been looking for the ultimate in comfort footwear, there is nothing like the All Rounder!

Today is a Milestone!

Today marks a milestone! We moved in 36 years ago to our Current Location on February 14, 1986. Spring in coming and we are making room for our newly expanded men's and women's departments. We have taken groups of merchandise that we are closing out - save 36 to 63%, now through February 28th! If you need to add to your Wardrobe this is a good time to do it!

Is 2022 Your Year?

Is 2022 Your Year to Elevate to Your Dream Job? Interview Dress goes along way to get hired. Done right it makes a powerful compelling statement about you. See Video for more details.

Gift Suggestions For Warm, Cold Travel and What to Take It in!

Give gifts that are Eco & Sustainable and are made of the latest Fabrics & Technology. Apparel that is pack n' go and looks great upon arrival. Arrive with the best luggage available. In stock now for the Holidays.

The Best of Kühl!

The Best of Kühl! Kühl is unique,,,blazes its own path with unique fabrics, colors and styling. Kühl Clothing is Eco and Sustainable, UPF+ Sun Protection and so much more. If you want clothing you will love to wear, look no more! See why Kühl is in such high demand.

Burr Jacket by Kühl

The Burr Jacket by Kühl, available lined or unlined, made of the outdoors and so versatile! It is a client favorite! See why for yourself. The Burr can be layered-up if need be, it breaks the wind, outstanding fit and the fabric is so unique!

Kühl Clothing - So Right for Travel!

Is the Beach and the warmth of the Sun calling? If your planning a winter getaway, be sure to include Kühl Clothing. Kühl is made for Travel! Get the latest in Fabric and Technology, fabrics that are easy care, hold their shape, quick dry, UPF+ Sun Protection and so much more. It's the attention to detail! Having a Zipper when and where it is needed, a cell phone pocket to securely store your cell phone, articulated knees on Pants for comfort and so much more. Discover Kuhl for yourself!

"The One"™ by Kühl

Travel coming up? Want a great Jacket? The One by Kühl! Men's and Women's jackets available. The One is wind resistant, lightweight and warm. One of the best features is how the fabric helps regulate the temperature. Comfortable to wear, great fit and the stretch fabric is water resistant. If you want the best of technology and fabric, see "The One" for yourself!

The "Indy Boot" by Alden

Travel? Adventure? Ready to get out there and explore? There is nothing like the infamous "Indy Boot" by Alden. The Boot that started it all! Whether life takes you on adventure or day to day, there is no better way to treat your feet to a pair of the "Indy Boot". Get the best fit and support for your feet.

Wedding/Travel Suit

Upcoming Wedding...Travel? Introducing the Travel Suit! Navy or Silver colors, Trim Fit, Machine Washable Cotton/Polyester Stretch Fabric...so comfortable to wear! Looks great for a Beach Wedding, Cruise, dress it up or down...be sure to check this out!

Bailey Western Hats

American made Bailey Lite Felt Western Hats.  If you have not worn Bailey, you are in for a treat! These Hats are so comfortable to wear, they are packable and water repellent.  It's a great way to finish off your Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing.  Bailey Hats go with everything!  New styles in stock.  See Video for more details! 

Bel Air Fashions 2022 Wedding Special

Bel Air Fashions 2022 Weddings, as you are planning your Wedding, please realize the supply chains are disrupted. Book early so you don't set yourself up for disappointment. We have helped many many navigate through this. Planning early will get you in most cases how you want your Wedding to look. Be flexible and have a couple of choices. Be sure to inquire.

Give the Gift of Mephisto

World's Finest Handcrafted Footwear for Men and Women! One of the best Lifestyle Shoe Lines for the Beach, in the Gym, Travel or Day to Day Wear, give the gift of comfort. Shoes that will be worn long after the holidays.

Samuel Hubbard Shoes and Boots

Give the Gift of Comfort...it's like wearing nothing at all.  Want to Give something really special give Shoes and Boots with Arctic Grip.  See store for details!

The Gift of Minus33

Give the Gift of Warmth...Gift of Minus33! Merino Wool Tops, Bottoms, Socks and layering Bottoms that are washable, easy care, stretch and pack n go. Garments that can be worn many times before laundry. Merino wool is practical, doesn't smell, natural upf+ sun protection and warm. Outstanding quality and very affordable; the gift of merino is for year round wear. Whether its time outside or by the fireplace, Minus33 gifts get worn.

Give the Gift of Kühl

Holiday Gifts that get worn throughout the year no matter the weather. There is nothing Kühl apparel! Unique style, fit, fabric, tops, bottoms, layering items and outerwear that are easy care, pack n go, upf+ sun protection and so comfortable to wear. No matter the season give apparel that will be worn long after the holidays.

Gift of ExOfficio

Give the Gift of Travel, Give the Gift of Bugs Away! Men's and Women's Bugs Away Apparel is so comfortable to wear and keeps bugs off. Exofficio garments are packed with the latest fabric technology: stretch, easy care, upf+ sun protection...just to name a few. If travel takes you to the rain forest, jungle or on the trail, just know your skin covered by ExOfficio Apparel is protected from insect born diseases. Gifts that will be worn long after the holidays.

Give the Gift of Briggs & Riley

Luggage that will stand up to Travel and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.  There is nothing like the Gift of Briggs & Riley.  We have limited inventory in store.  Be sure to inquire.

Kühl Women's Gift Ideas

Give the latest in fabric and technology.  Tops that are warm, great fit and so functional.  Give gifts that will be worn long after the holidays.  Give the gift of Kühl, she'll love it!

Want to give the gift of Kühl? Here are outstanding gifts: Burr Lined Jacket, Flannel Shirt and any of the Kühl Pants. Give great quality that fits and lasts and doesn't break the bank. See our outstanding selection of Kühl. Kühl gifts will be worn and appreciated long after the Holidays are over!

Fall Mountain Khakis...Isn't Time?

Ready for Outdoor Activities? Get your Outdoor Clothing for exploring this Fall wherever life takes you.  Plan your wardrobe now as availability may be limited later in the season.  See what's new, now from Mountain Khakis.

Women's Modern Suit Separates

Professional Dress is alive and well! It has been difficult to find quality, well made Women's Suits! Dress has gotten so casual in the workplace over the years that many companies that made these garments have gone out of business or just moved on. There has been and is a growing demand. Experience the luxury of these Super 150s Wool blend stretch garments made in a modern fit. Experience the quality and fit. Available at Bel Air Fashions.  Be sure to inquire. Special Orders Welcome! Off-the-Rack available in Slim or Modern size 0 to 16, size 18 and up available as a Custom. Be sure to inquire on these amazing garments.

Suiter Duffel

If you want one of the best 2 in 1 Travel Case that converts from a Duffle to a Hanging Garment Bag, look no more! If your Trip is Casual or Professional this bag is ideal for either.  Large inside compartment that will take just about anything you put inside.  There is an outside pocket to stuff more in the bag.  See Video below for more details.  Available at Bel Air Fashions.

Top Items for Travel

The Images represent some of the best items for Travel.  Apparel that wicks moisture away and insects, easy care, quick dry, stretch, UPF+ Sun Protection and plenty of Pockets to keep your stuff safe! The best in Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, Tencel and so much more! From keeping your eyes protected and what you pack gets you to where your going without being destroyed.  Eco and Sustainable! Want to see and learn more...come see us at Bel Air Fashions.  We will help you plan out what you need for Travel.

Apparel for Your Active Lifestyle

Men's and Women's Garments that feature the feature the best in Fabrics and Technology! Eco and Sustainable.
Whenever and Wherever Life takes you! Fabrics have gotten better, stronger, stretch and sun protection. Apparel that will last and not wind up in the landfills or the oceans pre-maturely. Garments that fit, great quality and affordable.
Experience tops and bottoms that are UPF+ sun protection, easy care, quick dry, stretch, durable, moisture wicking and insect shield to keep bugs away! We have it under one roof! Visit our Outdoor and Lifestyle Departments and find apparel made of Bamboo, Organic Cotton, Tencel, Hemp and so much more!

Can You Picture Your Organization Wearing these Shirts?

If you are looking to make a change to upgrade your organizations logo apparel, there is an alternative.

So much logo apparel becomes a disappointment as the apparel loses color, doesn't hold its shape, looks tousled, shrinks and often makes the individual look disheveled.   If you are looking to change, there are many options: moisture wicking, upf+ sun protection, easy care, quick dry and non iron.  You can get quality without breaking the bank.  Apparel that fits, lasts and looks professional.  There are no minimum orders and sizes can be filled in anytime throughout the year.  If you would like to know more be sure to inquire.  There is a difference!

Want to give Mom a great gift! The Trekr™ by Kühl, will become her favorite. Fabric stretches with her every move and hold its shape. So comfortable to wear and fits great. This pant is ideal for travel, hiking, day to day. When its time to get out their, this is a pant. Mom will love! In a moment change from a pant to a capri. Available also in a Short. Video is courtesy of Kühl.

Earth Day Today and Every Day should be Earth Day!

Protect the Earth for Future Generations to come! We have been doing something about it for years. The choice of our partner companies who are deeply committed to the environment and protecting the earth's precious resources. Our products represent garments that last, are eco, sustainable and the best of the latest fabrics and technology. Let's all try to quit filling up the Landfills and Oceans. A Sea Turtle shouldn't have to choke on plastic!

Kühl Clothing, An American Original

One of the best Outdoor Clothing Companies, please see the Kühl Story told by Kevin Boyle, Founder and Owner; Video courtesy of Kühl.

Every great company has their story.  Kühl has theirs and we wanted to share this terrific video!

Jackets for Dress Up or Down, Going Out, Travel and The Outdoors!

We sell Jackets! Experience the latest is Fabrics and Technology, Quality, Fit, Affordable and Garments that last. Get a Jacket that fits your Lifestyle! Be ready whenever and wherever life takes you!

Announcing our New Women's MTO Suits, Jackets and Pants

We are pleased to announce our Women's Made to Order Suits, Suit Separates, Jackets and Pants. Outstanding selection of the latest fabrics made into a modern garment. If you cannot find what you are looking for be sure to check out this outstanding MTO program. Imagine having a garment made for you! Take approximately 15 working days. Spoil yourself with garments made for you! Affordable, quality, outstanding fit and garments that last.

When its time to get out there to Travel, Explore or getting out and about, you will want a Marmot® PreCip® Jacket. Comes in many colors, available in Men's and Women's, Waterproof, Breathable, Lightweight and protects against the elements. It packs away in its own pocket. This the 20th Anniversary for the PreCip® Jacket. Experience this perennial favorite for yourself.

Carrollton Crew

Carrollton Crew... The Bamboo and Organic Short Sleeve Crew that started it all for Tasc Performance.  This Top is a favorite, see all the new colors for Spring.  The best of Bamboo and Organic Cotton that features: breathability, anti-odor, moisture wicking, easy care and the comfort of stretch! 

This Past Year has brought so much change! It is unfortunate with all the retail store closures that makes it tough to find what you are looking for. One of the best options is Made-to-Measure that solves many issues. If you are looking for an alternative and want to upgrade, please see our new Made-to-Measure Flipbook.

Guys do you have a Special Occasion coming up this Year? See our new Special Occasion Slim Fit Tuxedo Jackets and Pants that are ready made and custom is available.  All new and fresh looks and fabrics, quality and affordable!