Is it time to Shed the Jogging Pant in 2023?

With the return to the office this year, is your Wardrobe Ready? From Professional to Lifestyle Apparel, let us help you plan the wardrobe that will allow you to dress up or down and be ready on a moment's notice. It's our expertise!



Lots of choices, names & designers...what is right for you? Where do you start and how do you know what is right? Not easy answers to tough questions... there is a solution...Bel Air Fashions.

For 3 generations, our specialty has been helping clients "Getting Dressed made easy." Whether you need to dress up or down, you will have a wardrobe that makes sense. Fabrics that are year round and look good after a hard day of wear. Clothing items that will mix-n-match...guaranteed! You work with owners who care about your success. We only carry lines that have intrinsic value, quality and very affordable! Fitting is what makes you look good...nothing leaves our store until the garment fits you...perfectly!

We keep all your finished measurements and your purchase history. Next time you are ready to add to your wardrobe, we can make good recommendations. Just starting out, going up the ladder or the decision maker - the best in off-the-rack or made-to-measure. Need Professional, Business Casual or have come to the right store...Bel Air Fashions!  Looking for Modern Clothing?

The Pictures below are just a few of the many styles we carry. Regular and Big & Tall sizes available.  Custom and Made-to-Measure by Appointment only.

Mens and Womens Made to Measure and Bespoke Custom

Experience Men's and Women's Made to Measure, Bespoke Custom and Women's Designer Couture available in Omaha.  Choose from the World's best fabrics, all available at Bel Air Fashions.  We have entry level Made to Order so you can experience a Custom Garment. We do not take a stock size garments at the manufacturer and make adjustments.  We use your measurements and make your own pattern.  This is the right way to make a made to measure garment.  There is a difference!  Made to measure is our specialty.  Made to Measure Shirts available for both Men and Women.