Lifestyle Clothing: New Era of High Performance Fabrics

Clothing designed for whenever and wherever life takes you! Today’s fabrics are high performance, pack-n-go, lightweight and have multiple usage.  Two groundbreaking-fabricwonderful examples are: Bamboo Stretch and Organic Cotton and Bamboo and Merino Wool.  Both fabrics perfomance_jerseyare ideal for underwear, fitness, yoga, active wear and day-to-day apparel.  Bamboo is the one nature’s best natural fibers.
Tasc Performance, a premier producer of men’s and women’s active and fitness apparel, has a patent pending process that weaves cellulose bamboo fibre with organic cotton or merino wool into a lightweight, 4-stretch, moisture wicking, breathable and soft feel fabric.  Garments are easy care, anti-odor and UPF 50+ sun protection.  All the fabrics are breathable and temperature bamboo_merinoregulating.  Bamboo and Merino also feature a “high warmth – to –  weight ratio (source: Tasc Performance).  Both Bamboo and Merino and Bamboo and Cotton fabrics are quick dry.  Features of the fabrics are inherent and never wash out.  When building your wardrobe for day-to-day, travel, hiking, fitness or just taking it easy.  Bamboo stretch and cotton or merino are ideal to include as your core essential items.  These are garments that will not only fit great, will look good each and every time worn and will become integral items in your wardrobe.


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