Business Dress Guideline Every Professional Should Consider

ronaldo-iiiiWhether dress is a Suit or not, look like a professional, consistently.  Clothing should be made of high performance fabrics and quality linings, interfacings, tweed-jewel-neck-suitpadding, thread and buttons so garments make a compelling statement and will look great over time.  Other attributes of quality garments they don’t break down, stay and look fresh throughout the day.

Wardrobe items should fit well, clean, no body order, no stains or tears.  To look like a professional, your clothing needs to look like it is in its “A” game.  Your clothing and image should meet and exceed the expectations of those who you work with and clients.

Accessories should polish off your outfit, not the center of attention.  Grooming and Hygiene shows how you bistretch-suitronaldo-iiisweat the small details, including well manicured fingernails, no bushy necks or globs of hair growing out of the ear lobes or nostrils.

Business is not casual, for some companies it is the work spaces they create.  Clothing should never be transparent where undergarments should through or defined.  Your look should not be short, tight or revealing.  If you are management, look like management!


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