Pearl Harbor, A Day that changed our Nation Forever!

Pearlpearl-harbor-2 Harbor on December 7, 1941 shocked our Nation to its core, the unthinkable happened.  It galvanized our great nation together like no other event in history. The “Greatest Generation” was recognized for all they endured on two warfronts and the sacrifices at home.pearl-harbor-memorial

The Nation was pinned on its heels, shocked and thus it organized and assembled all its might.  Its mission was fight until our enemies were defeated.  Democracy
pearl-harbor-pic-1paid a heavy price, but for the United States, it has been and always will be worth it.  It is still the greatest nation on earth!  We thank our United States Military for all they have done and all they do in providing the blanket of freedom!  We our grateful for their sacrifice and for their service to our great nation!  Today is a day of remembrance on this 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor! Remember and give Thanks.