What Impact Does Your Wardrobe have before you realize its not Working? by Dick Lerner, Bel Air Fashions

The cliché “There is no such thing as a Free Lunch” is more true today than ever as the market is flooded with disposable merchandise. Nothing is free, inevitabley the consumer pays for it.

disheveled dress 3.8 x 1.8 5 24 17Garments made for a low price, you can be sure of the following has occurred, it is made with the cheapest fabric, linings, buttons, thread and low production standards; not made to last. When image is paramount and cheaply made clothing is worn it is a barrier to how one is perceived.

The foundation of any garment is good fabric, linings, buttons and production standards. Clothing shouldn’t fit like a gunny sack or look like it was slept in after 5 minutes of wear. Fabrics should have great appearance and garments are made with good styling that fit well.

Whether dress is Professional or Lifestyle, garments that don’t meet a professional standard, become costly and interferes with ones ability to do business.

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Suit or No Suit…Is Your Core Essential Wardrobe Ready?

Lifestyle CollageA Core Essential Wardrobe means you are ready for just about anything.  It is well man and woman suit
planned and you can dress up or down, and be dressed right.  It helps you define your Professional Image and enhances it.  Nothing is worse when something comes up and you go to the  closet and the essential items needed are not there.  The downside is the lack wardrobe planning .  It doesn’t take a lot of clothing, it takes strategic wardrobe items that will mix-n-match and you be ready for anything in a moments notice.  It is a wardrobe that will not only pay dividends, you will spend less over time, will last and have a better wardrobe.  That is the value of wardrobe planning.  Whether a Suit is worn or not, your wardrobe makes a compelling statement about you and pays a huge ROI in return.


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