Kühl – The Original Articulated Pant – Since 1996

With warm days ahead and outdoor activities ramp up why not be comfortable in what you where, especially your Pants.  Kühl has some of the best Pants for Men and Women when it comes to Travel, Outdoor Activities, on the Trail or just kicking back.  Since 1996 has featured articulated knees on the men’s Revolvr and other Pant models, standing or bending, your knees don’t get tight.

Revolver Men’s Pant features:

Articulated Knees, Wicking Performance, Quick Dry Fabrics, Lightweight Stretch Fabrics that stand the heat and keep you comfortable.  Unmatched Performance and Comfort!

Splash Roll-up Women’s Pant features:

Kühl Free Ryde™ that follows the waistline that contours to the natural shape of the hips for a form fit. Rollup leg that snaps, relaxed fit, snap closure back and thigh pockets, performance stretch cotton fabric that is quick drying and so comfortable to wear.

Experience the best of fit and comfortable.