Job Interview Dress is not about the Fashion.  It is to meet and exceed the expectation of the employer.  When you
come to a Job Interview you are there for the interest of the employer, not your own.  How are you going to showcase you are the one the employer has been looking for.  Give reason why they should hire you over someone else.  How do you distinguish yourself? 

It comes through your Packaging and Professional image.  Whether Interview Dress is a Suit or not, you visually need to make a compelling professional statement.  If you have a stellar resume, you need to be a mirrored image.

Employers could care less about the fashion, unless you are interviewing in a industry that is the norm for dress.  Its never letting your clothing be a barrier to your Image! You don’t get second chances for first impressions.  Strong impressions are lasting and enduring, weak ones are impossible to overcome.

Once you lined up companies to Interview with, find out what the expected dress is and plan your wardrobe accordingly.  Make sure your wardrobe is flexible, ability to dress up or down, but dressed right.  After the second or third interview, the company understands your skills, abilities, etc., now they are looking how you dress, grooming and hygiene and how you will fit into the Corporate Culture.

Never send your resume out until you have your Interview Wardrobe assembled.  You can’t put off a Interview because you have nothing to wear.  This is the biggest mistake people make…resume is out and nothing to wear.  People think nothing is going to happen, until lightning strikes.  When a company is ready to see you, they’re ready and you cannot put them off because you have nothing to wear.  This may be the only opportunity to Interview.

A hurried up Interview Wardrobe looks it and has no plan to it.  Have your Interview Wardrobe ready to go 30 days ahead of sending out resumes.  There is a lot of disposable junk out there and what you need may not be available at the time you need it.  If you need help, contact Bel Air Fashions.  This is our expertise.