Covid-19 – Life with and after, there will be an eventual normal. by Dick Lerner

It is unprecented with the enormity of Covid-19 and what is has done to everyday life.  No one knew how to plan or what to do as this Tsnaumi unfolded.  The Shelter in has effected every walk of life in this country and for many it continues.

It has been a total reshuffling of the deck on Jobs and the shut down of the economy.  For many in retail the doors have been closing at an alarming rate, bankruptcies, restaurants and bars closed…a total dispruption as life as we know it.

When the time does come for post Corvid-19 and life returns to a new normal and it will, many of the favorite places that we went to eat, shop, brick and mortar or online, may be gone for ever.

Until we reach that point, life will go on.  Best advise is…Plan Ahead!  There are and will continue to be at an alarming of closures.  Bankruptcies and business closures are happening at a rising rate.

If something is coming up…Job Interview, Wedding? There shortages that are increasing worldwide. Covid-19 has affected manufacturing of raw and finished goods.  Shipping is taking much longer periods and causing massive delays.  Most companies have adopted a Covid-19 Policy, so do understand how different things are than they were 100+ days ago.  Everything is turned on its ear.

Plan for longer wait times for what you may need.  When going into stores it will be common finding shelves completely empty.  Demand has diminished supply.  That supply will take much longer to fullfill, that is if that supplier is still in business.

Plan now…start sooner than later.  If you do need help for getting ready for a Job Interview, Wedding…we helped many be ready for that Job Interview or Wedding Day.  We were here daily, when most were closed.

We have and will maintain high Corvid-19 Standards well after Corvid-19 is in the rear view mirror.  Masks are worn, Social Distancing is observed, we work mostly by appointment and there are only few people in the store at any given time.  After client meetings, everything is wiped down, sanitized and clothing steamed as needed.

If you need help, we are available by Zoom, Facetime and In Store Appointments and many delivery options including curbside.  Our online store is available and so are special orders, made to measure.  We have been helping our clients for over 100 years, we are the same family owned business.  Professional, Lifestyle, Travel Clothing and Weddings are our specialties.