How do I prevent my shoes from wearing out prematurely? By Dick Lerner

Do not wear your shoes everyday, store in cedar shoe trees when not wearing and rotate your shoesrotted out leather dress shoe 7 8 15 so you are not wearing the same pair more than a couple of times a week.   Good leather shoes are not made to be worn everyday, if they are the following will happen.  Moisture builds up on the inside and eventually the leather never has a chance to dry out.  The picture to the right, visually shows how the shoe has rotted out the inside leather lining; the alden shoes in shoe treesshoe has separated from the sole and the toe area created a hole.

The picture of the shoes to the left, shows proper care.  Stored with cedar shoe trees, it keeps the shoes blocked and helps dry out the inside leather linings; shoes will last longer.  If shoes are fit properly, by arch width, widest part of the foot and shoe, will help keep the shoes from bulging over the sides and help maintain the block and shape of the shoes over time.  It doesn’t matter what the brand or what was paid, if not properly fit and cared for, you will be replacing your shoes often.

In summary, it is better to buy the best quality that you can afford, fit properly, store in cedar shoe trees and not wear everyday and you will see a dramatic improvement in the appearance and longevity of your shoes.


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