What to Look for in Outdoor and Travel Clothing by Dick Lerner

If you want a great cake, it takes great ingredients to make it! There is no substitute for quality.  If a Outdoor or Travel Apparel Clothing line has a great name and reputation, it certainly didn’t happen overnight.  It took vision,  hard work, passion and more importantly protecting the environment.

The essence of any garment is what is it made of, how it is made, work environment, fair trade manufacturing and is the company socially responsible?

Apparel that sets itself apart will be easy care, wick moisture, UPF+ protection, stretch, pack n go.  The manufacturer will use natural fibers that feature bamboo, organic cotton and hemp just to name a few.  At the same time use high standards of protecting the environment that is eco and bio friendly.

When selecting apparel for the outdoors and travel, be particular in your selections.  There is no free lunch…junk is junk and clutters up the landfills and the oceans.  It takes all to turn the tide to protect our precious resources. The way to stop this is buy smart and be eco and bio conscious.  A little bit of effort does make a huge difference.  Next time you are buying apparel think about what you are purchasing and is the apparel made by a socially conscious manufacturer.  In the end what kind of Planet do you want for your children and future generations to come.  Time is now to be accountable and the kind of carbon footprint we all make.

Acquire Outdoor and Travel Apparel from manufacturers that are passionate about their products and the environment.  Quality is affordable and will last and help balance consumption.


Shirt – Tucked or Untucked, What to Look for….by Dick Lerner

When is it appropriate? It depends where you are at and accepted protocol.  Whether it is business or social, ask in advance what the expected dress is.  If the setting is relaxed, your Shirt becomes the focus.  Last thing you want to do is draw attention for the wrong reason.  Make your shirt your asset, not a liability.  When assembling your shirt wardrobe know what looks best on you.

Fit is dependent on body type, biceps, upper torso mass, muscles, size of shirt and pant waist.  The ultimate goal is to acquire dress down fabrics to go with stretch jeans and modern pants.  The fit should drape, not cling.  Stretch shirt fabrics should look crisp, not flimsy.  Have good body and weight.  Shouldn’t be transparent to expose what is underneath.

Shirts worn untucked need to cover any exposed skin.  Ideal length is 2 to 3″ below the belt.  Make sure the fit compliments your body type.  It should look as good if it is tucked in.  Some of the stretch fabrics feature odor control, wick whisking, non iron and UPF protection.  Better quality fabrics are 4-way stretch that are lightweight and look and fit great throughout the day.  Many of the stretch are designed to worn tucked in or untucked.

Travel Season is here, is your Wardrobe ready? By Dick Lerner

Key components when assembling your Wardrobe are the advancements made in Technology and Fabrics.

Essentials for your Travel Clothing:  

UV Protection – 30 to 50 – good range – a must for protection

Wick whisking – lift and repell moisture.

Light weight, Pack-n-go, Easy care.  Fabrics that you can wash overnight that are quick dry and ready to wear next morning.

Outerwear that is Goretex Waterproof and Wind resistant.

Shoes that are Gore-tex Waterproof and Ice-Lock – especially on wet and slick surfaces help keep you from falling.

Insect Shield protection that is bonded to the fabrics that are lightweight and provides a barrier and repels insect bites carrying the Zika Virus, Lyme and other insect carrying diseases.  Insect Shield available in Shirts, Pants, Socks, Jackets, Socks and Outerwear for both Men and Women.

Whether exploring in the Rain Forest, Desert or the High Country, You are protected.  Garments made by Companies that have a Passion for the Outdoors, Eco minded to protect the environment, and Fair Trade Items that assure you are getting the best of the best; apparel made in safe manufacturing facilities by companies who socially responsible.

Kühl – The Original Articulated Pant – Since 1996

With warm days ahead and outdoor activities ramp up why not be comfortable in what you where, especially your Pants.  Kühl has some of the best Pants for Men and Women when it comes to Travel, Outdoor Activities, on the Trail or just kicking back.  Since 1996 has featured articulated knees on the men’s Revolvr and other Pant models, standing or bending, your knees don’t get tight.

Revolver Men’s Pant features:

Articulated Knees, Wicking Performance, Quick Dry Fabrics, Lightweight Stretch Fabrics that stand the heat and keep you comfortable.  Unmatched Performance and Comfort!

Splash Roll-up Women’s Pant features:

Kühl Free Ryde™ that follows the waistline that contours to the natural shape of the hips for a form fit. Rollup leg that snaps, relaxed fit, snap closure back and thigh pockets, performance stretch cotton fabric that is quick drying and so comfortable to wear.

Experience the best of fit and comfortable.

We Test Out Our Travel Apparel…Ex-Officio Insect Shield Test Out in Africa

We test the merchandise before rolling out in the Store…here is Shelly in action on Safari at the NGORONGORO CRATER NOGORONGORO, Tanzinia, Africa. Shelly has Ex-Officio Insect Shield Apparel on literally from Head-to-Toe. It works and so necessary where he was as Mosquitos carry Malaria. He came back with no bites! Pictures taken early November 2018.

See all the Travel Wear available.  High Performance, Easy Care, UV Protection, Anti-Odor, Pack-n-Go are some of the many features.  Whether your next trip is to the Tropics, Amazon, Mountain or on the Trail, be sure to see all the wonderful products for Men and Women under one roof.  Make great gifts! Special Orders Welcome! Unique, Quality and Affordable Apparel is what you can expect.

Quality Gift Giving Costs No More!

As the Holiday Season gets going, the marketing to get your Holiday Dollars is almost unbearable and coming from all directions at the same time.  Whether it be on line, email, traditional media, etc.  The bigger push on cheap price lends itself to disposable products.

Gifts with cheap prices, something Has got to give, and often that is quality! Cheap price means the item was made the cheapest way possible and what under what conditions? There is nothing FREE! Quality doesn’t cost any more! What you are giving is so much better to give and to receive.  There is a difference.

As a business, we are proud to partner with Companies that produce Eco-Friendly Products, provide Fair Trade Merchandise that is made to the highest standards and not in sub-human sweat shops, and give back to the Planet.  This is what you can expect from Bel Air Fashions this Holiday Season in our Professional, Lifestyle and Travel Wear Apparel.

Fall Foliage is coming…is your Outdoor Clothing ready to hit the Trail?

This Fall you don’t have to skimp on quality and affordable and yet get the latest technology in your Apparel.  Experience the difference. Protect yourself outdoors with Insect Shield Shirts, Pants and Socks.  It pays to cover up and protect yourself from potential Tick bites.  Don’t take a chance with Lyme Disease.  Insect Shield is a process that is applied to the fabric and will be a shield against insect bites.  It will last up to 70 washings. 

Hats, Caps with contoured capes, Bandanas and Blanket Scarves all made with Insect Shield. Want to know more, please see, www.belairfashions.com.

What To Know When Selecting Wedding Tuxedos and Suits by Dick Lerner

When you start your search for you’re Wedding Tuxedos or Suits, do this months ahead.  It is important to give yourself enough time to see what is available and not be pressured into making a quick decision.  There is nothing Free, directly or indirectly, it is all figured in the price.  There is a lot of overpromising and under-delivery and you don’t want the surprise of your life 4:00 pm on the Friday before the Wedding.

Get on different Social Media and start reading reviews what experiences Weddings had with the particular Vendor you are considering.  It will give you a clear indication of what you can expect.  Sometimes the bigger the organization doesn’t mean you will have a seamless experience.  See what Tux Rental and Clothing Stores are in your community that sell or rent Tuxedos and Suits.  Visit as many stores as you can, you will discover there are differences.  You get married once, have enough good information to make the right selection for you’re Wedding.

Whether you are buying or renting, you want to make sure what you are choosing the best quality, merchandise is current and most important the garments are properly fit.  This means each member of you’re Wedding Party will need to try on all items you select.  This cannot be done in a minute or by tape line alone.  Proper fitting is everything! It is how everyone is going to look for you’re Wedding and Pictures.

Box Stores and Formal Wear Chains push Weddings hard with a lot of marketing.  It is important not to get caught up in the hype.  For the Bride and Groom, it is to figure out what is important to you.  Do you want to rent Tuxedos or Suits? Suits may not cost much more than a rental to buy and can be used beyond the Wedding.

Plan your Budget for you’re Wedding Party.  Develop questions well ahead of store visits.  Base your questions on reviews you read.  Interview each store you visit.  Make sure you are comfortable with the answers you get and pose the worst case scenarios.  What surprises?  Make sure there is no bait and switch.  Once everything is agreed upon, go with what you feel the most comfortable.  A Wedding should never be treated as though it is another rental, this is your Wedding!

Traveling…High Performance and Pack N Go…Clothing Ready When You Are


With the warm weather almost here and start planning out warm weather apparel, do know of the new technologies woven in many of the fabrics.  Most Outdoor Clothing is high performance and feature some of the following: easy care, quick dry, anti-odor, wick whisking and uv protected.  Travel Clothing is mostly pack-n-go, holds its shape and some of the fabrics will have Insect Shield, which protects against insects.  The protection is woven right into the fabric and will be good for about 75 washings.

Do not forget about protecting the Head.  Hats are breathable, brims are wide  and angled to protect the face and neck from getting sunburned.  Most head gear is 50+ UV protection and wicks moisture away from the skin.

Some of the warm weather Jackets  are waterproof and breathable and others  offer Insect Shield.  Footwear is durable and ideal for most travel.  Ice Lock is new and helps from falling on slick conditions and are Gore-Tex Waterproof.

Many of the Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers are Eco minded and are Organic.  They are mindful of the resources used in many of the products.  Travel clothing is innovative, quality and affordable.  Clothing for whenever and wherever life takes you.

Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers…Do it Right!

Eco, Save the Planet, Fair Trade Garment, Sustainability are not just words, they are the measure

by which the Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers conduct their business.  It is the proper use of resources that protects the environment.  It is the advocacy and conservation of the National Parks to be enjoyed by all well into the future.

For the Outdoor Clothing manufacturers it is so much more than making great quality affordable clothing, its doing
their part to protect our green space for all to enjoy and for the future generations yet to come.  It is the opportunity to connect with the great outdoors with family and friends and appreciate all this Great Nation has to offer.