Switch…Not Your Conventional Sunglasses by Dick Lerner

Switch has it all and for good reason.  The Sunglasses are as active as you are.  Each Switch Glass Kit comes with a second set of Lenses.  What is so special are the magnetic lenses and frames that allow a quick change.  Lenses pop out, place lenses back into magnetic slots and  are securely in place.  This is the Switch Magnetic Interchange Technology.

Switch Sunglass Technology are so good they are now used by NASA.  If you are like many who love to be outdoors and have the ability to switch out your lenses, then Switch is for you.  The Switch Kit comes with a set of Polarized and a pair of Low-Light Rose Amber  Lenses, Micro-Fiber Wipe and Pod.

The other feature that is available on most of the Switch Frames is the ability to fill your custom Rx Sun prescription and Speciatly Lenses.  This is what sets Switch apart.  Outstanding styling, fit and glasses as active as you are and all while protecting your Eyes.  See Bel Air Fashions for more details.

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