USA Resolve and America Strong!

When the impossible looks inevitable that is when the American Spirit is at its best. America in times of peril has always dug down and dug deep and with the incredible might and resolve of this wonderful country, America has always come through.

No doubt the same is true today. While the Coronavirus has virtually brought daily life to a standstill, it too will pass. For the short term, it will rearrange our daily lives but as a nation we will come out on the other side much stronger and better for it.

As a century plus company and in the 47 years my brother and I have been in business, we have been through many, many ups and downs in the economy and this environment we are in, will eventually will pass.

Daily life will be disrupted and changes for the interim. Life still goes on! In light of what is going on Bel Air Fashions will remain open. We will be doing the following:

For anyone who cannot make it to the store, we will be making appointments by phone, email and text to arrange Facetime Video Calls. If you are getting ready for a Job Interview, adding to your Wardrobe, Wedding, etc., this will help you get questions answered and help you get ready for what is ahead.

2. Our on line Store will be reflecting the instore experience that so many of you have
become accustomed to. The online store will mirror the same quality, value and
longevity. We understand how important Social Distancing is and that is why we
have our online store as a option.

3. If there is something you want that is not online, please contact us and we will do
our best to accomodate your request.

4. Made to Measure Clothing has always been our specialty. This is for both men and
women. Later this year we will be introducing a new line of men’s made to measure
that is outstanding quality, fabrics and will be our opening price point. Stay tuned.
This is a very special line we will be announcing.

5. Any order called in or special order, we will have available for curbside delivery or
have delivered by UPS or Mail.

We are all in this together. Nobody planned or wanted the Coronavirus Pandemic. It will pass. Better days are ahead!

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