What to Look for in Outdoor and Travel Clothing by Dick Lerner

If you want a great cake, it takes great ingredients to make it! There is no substitute for quality.  If a Outdoor or Travel Apparel Clothing line has a great name and reputation, it certainly didn’t happen overnight.  It took vision,  hard work, passion and more importantly protecting the environment.

The essence of any garment is what is it made of, how it is made, work environment, fair trade manufacturing and is the company socially responsible?

Apparel that sets itself apart will be easy care, wick moisture, UPF+ protection, stretch, pack n go.  The manufacturer will use natural fibers that feature bamboo, organic cotton and hemp just to name a few.  At the same time use high standards of protecting the environment that is eco and bio friendly.

When selecting apparel for the outdoors and travel, be particular in your selections.  There is no free lunch…junk is junk and clutters up the landfills and the oceans.  It takes all to turn the tide to protect our precious resources. The way to stop this is buy smart and be eco and bio conscious.  A little bit of effort does make a huge difference.  Next time you are buying apparel think about what you are purchasing and is the apparel made by a socially conscious manufacturer.  In the end what kind of Planet do you want for your children and future generations to come.  Time is now to be accountable and the kind of carbon footprint we all make.

Acquire Outdoor and Travel Apparel from manufacturers that are passionate about their products and the environment.  Quality is affordable and will last and help balance consumption.


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