USA Resolve and America Strong!

When the impossible looks inevitable that is when the American Spirit is at its best. America in times of peril has always dug down and dug deep and with the incredible might and resolve of this wonderful country, America has always come through.

No doubt the same is true today. While the Coronavirus has virtually brought daily life to a standstill, it too will pass. For the short term, it will rearrange our daily lives but as a nation we will come out on the other side much stronger and better for it.

As a century plus company and in the 47 years my brother and I have been in business, we have been through many, many ups and downs in the economy and this environment we are in, will eventually will pass.

Daily life will be disrupted and changes for the interim. Life still goes on! In light of what is going on Bel Air Fashions will remain open. We will be doing the following:

For anyone who cannot make it to the store, we will be making appointments by phone, email and text to arrange Facetime Video Calls. If you are getting ready for a Job Interview, adding to your Wardrobe, Wedding, etc., this will help you get questions answered and help you get ready for what is ahead.

2. Our on line Store will be reflecting the instore experience that so many of you have
become accustomed to. The online store will mirror the same quality, value and
longevity. We understand how important Social Distancing is and that is why we
have our online store as a option.

3. If there is something you want that is not online, please contact us and we will do
our best to accomodate your request.

4. Made to Measure Clothing has always been our specialty. This is for both men and
women. Later this year we will be introducing a new line of men’s made to measure
that is outstanding quality, fabrics and will be our opening price point. Stay tuned.
This is a very special line we will be announcing.

5. Any order called in or special order, we will have available for curbside delivery or
have delivered by UPS or Mail.

We are all in this together. Nobody planned or wanted the Coronavirus Pandemic. It will pass. Better days are ahead!

Ice Lock Technology…There is nothing Like It! by Dick Lerner

I want to share my personal experience.  Last night we had about 3″ of heavy wet slushy snow that came down as big snow flakes.  Grassy surfaces were covered – the Driveway had a combination of watery slush snow, the temperature was hovering in the low 30’s.  It was slick.  I came out this morning to shovel the driveway in a waterproof shoe that by most would be considered a winter shoe.  The driveway was a combination of snow and slush and I almost slipped a few times and decided it was not worth the risk of falling.

I went inside and put on my Treksta gore-tex waterproof shoes with ice lock that I use for exercise and  walking outdoors.  The shoes were phenomenal! I had a solid grip to the driveway and there was no slipping.  Feet were warm and dry.  Treksta is unique with nest fit technology that is not only comfortable but made in the shape of the human foot.  Ice Lock is everything you want in a shoe to keep you stable on a wet or icy surface.  If you seek shoes with Ice Lock technology, remember Treksta and Samuel Hubbard.  Both shoe lines are outstanding for Ice Lock; available for both Men and Women.

Switch…Not Your Conventional Sunglasses by Dick Lerner

Switch has it all and for good reason.  The Sunglasses are as active as you are.  Each Switch Glass Kit comes with a second set of Lenses.  What is so special are the magnetic lenses and frames that allow a quick change.  Lenses pop out, place lenses back into magnetic slots and  are securely in place.  This is the Switch Magnetic Interchange Technology.

Switch Sunglass Technology are so good they are now used by NASA.  If you are like many who love to be outdoors and have the ability to switch out your lenses, then Switch is for you.  The Switch Kit comes with a set of Polarized and a pair of Low-Light Rose Amber  Lenses, Micro-Fiber Wipe and Pod.

The other feature that is available on most of the Switch Frames is the ability to fill your custom Rx Sun prescription and Speciatly Lenses.  This is what sets Switch apart.  Outstanding styling, fit and glasses as active as you are and all while protecting your Eyes.  See Bel Air Fashions for more details.

Lifestyle Dress…What is it? by Dick Lerner

Simply put, its Professional…just not a Suit.  For many companies, not all, it is the evolution of  workplace dress that has been relaxed.  Workspace is open, not confined, which has collaboration and creativity and encouraged relaxed dress.  It doesn’t mean work done is any less productive, it has been enhanced.

Lifestyle Apparel is the best of fabrics that are comfortable and feature the best of technology.  Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing fullfills this niche with the best of easy care, strech, pack n go, quick dry, moisture wicking, UPF + protection to name a few. 

Its clothing that is comfortable, maintains its shape and looks great throughout the day.  Much of the clothing is Eco and Sustainable.  Made by responsible manufacturers that have a great carbon foot print for the environment.  Minimize waste and make great use of natural resources:  Bamboo, Hemp and Organic Cotton are soft, strong, breathable and other characteristics that make up into outstanding apparel.

Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing features the best of fabric and technology, that is quality, affordable and longevity. Apparel you can mix and match, wear year round and looks professional!


Job Interview Dress is not about the Fashion.  It is to meet and exceed the expectation of the employer.  When you
come to a Job Interview you are there for the interest of the employer, not your own.  How are you going to showcase you are the one the employer has been looking for.  Give reason why they should hire you over someone else.  How do you distinguish yourself? 

It comes through your Packaging and Professional image.  Whether Interview Dress is a Suit or not, you visually need to make a compelling professional statement.  If you have a stellar resume, you need to be a mirrored image.

Employers could care less about the fashion, unless you are interviewing in a industry that is the norm for dress.  Its never letting your clothing be a barrier to your Image! You don’t get second chances for first impressions.  Strong impressions are lasting and enduring, weak ones are impossible to overcome.

Once you lined up companies to Interview with, find out what the expected dress is and plan your wardrobe accordingly.  Make sure your wardrobe is flexible, ability to dress up or down, but dressed right.  After the second or third interview, the company understands your skills, abilities, etc., now they are looking how you dress, grooming and hygiene and how you will fit into the Corporate Culture.

Never send your resume out until you have your Interview Wardrobe assembled.  You can’t put off a Interview because you have nothing to wear.  This is the biggest mistake people make…resume is out and nothing to wear.  People think nothing is going to happen, until lightning strikes.  When a company is ready to see you, they’re ready and you cannot put them off because you have nothing to wear.  This may be the only opportunity to Interview.

A hurried up Interview Wardrobe looks it and has no plan to it.  Have your Interview Wardrobe ready to go 30 days ahead of sending out resumes.  There is a lot of disposable junk out there and what you need may not be available at the time you need it.  If you need help, contact Bel Air Fashions.  This is our expertise.

Conundrum? Apparel not what you Anticipated? By Dick Lerner

How many times have you bought a garment that you really liked …then disappointment sets in.  Its not what you thought it might be…Doesn’t fit?…Seems flimsy?….Doesn’t hold its shape? Buttons fall off? Seams separated? Fabric ripped? It happens more than you think.

Apparel that is oversold and under delivered – is well beyond the worth of the garment.  Marketing doesn’t mean you are getting quality.  A name brand or designer label doesn’t mean apparel is good quality – its a Conundrum!!.  If a garment doesn’t hold up and seems ready for the discard pile prematurely; it’s due to inferior fabrics, linings, thread, buttons, cheaply made, etc.

Endorsements and Influencers does not mean a garment is good quality.  The garment is loaded with marketing cost and if the price is to good to be true…it probably is! The difference?  A good garment is well made with all the right ingredients to insure you are getting well made apparel that is affordable, quality and will last.  Unfortunately the retail sector has become filled with disposable merchandise that will continually have a short life cycle.

It is a vicious cycle how often a garment gets replaced, and that is expensive! Instead of increasing the wardrobe, it becomes one of replacement.  Quality Clothing becomes the least costly as garments are replaced less often.

Next time a garment seems to be to good to be true, it probably is, there is no free lunch! The conundrum is the garment quality? Or is it a garment heavily promoted with a cheap price.

If you want to get off the Hamster Wheel,  buy apparel for quality and value, know your fabrics, look for garments with the latest technology.  Hold the fabric up to the light and make sure you can’t see through, it is tightly woven, has good body, not flimsy or crush in your hand.

If the garment isn’t made right, Tailors are not magicians, there is only so much that can be done.  This is the issue of cheaply made apparel.  Cheaply made clothing with a name means nothing.  Be a good steward, know what you are getting.

There is Wool…Then There is Merino Wool…In a Class by Itself! By Dick Lerner

How many times have you put on a wool garment and first thing you notice is how rough the fabric is and it scratches your skin and you can’t wait to change clothes.  The wool used may be what protects the animal from the elements.  Its the dry coarse wool sheared from the topside of the Sheep.

There are a number of breeds of Sheep.  Each breed of Sheep Wool has there own characteristics, but the World’s softess is Merino Wool.  It is the cashmere of Wool.  About 90% of the Merino Wool Sheep comes from Australia.

Features of Merino Wool is not only how soft it is, it is strong, moisture wicking, natural UV protection, temperature regulating, doesn’t stink, easy care and outstanding for year round wear.

Merino Wool is not only used for Professional Clothing, it is a favorite for Outdoor Clothing for temperature regulating, wicking moisture, soft and comfortable to wear.  Merino Wool is easy care, maintains it shape and ideal all types of weather.  Merino Wool is preferred for layering, warmth and moisture wicking.

It is one of the few fibers you will find used from Suits to Base Layer tops and bottoms.  Merino Wool is sustainable, it is a natural fiber and renewable which is good for the earth.

Wool often gets a bad wrap because its rough and course, hot and scratchy.  Merino Wool is anything but; it is preferred – for all the right reasons.  Build your wardrobe with Merino Wool, you will have a better wardrobe over time, will last and spend less money.  Experience the quality of Merino Wool, you will immediately discover the difference!

What to look for getting good Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing by Dick Lerner

There is way too much marketing and cheap prices being promoted in the marketplace on names and labels that have been acquired and not in business for years.  Merchandise promoted by a Celebrity or Influencer does not assure you are are getting quality apparel.  Much of the merchandise being pushed is on sourced products not manufactured by the company.  Unfortunately, most of what is being promoted are cheap prices, cheaply made, doesn’t fit or last.

What do you look for in Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing? Are Companies privately owned or they equity/venture capital firms? Look for companies that manufacture their merchandise. Products are fair trade mercantile, eco, sustainable and  company makes a positive carbon footprint.  The merchandise produced are with the latest fabrics and technology.

If you want a great cake you have to make it with great ingredients and that is what the best Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers do – season in…season out.  Their products are great quality, fit and last.  If you are looking to get your wardrobe to the next level and quit the cycle of wasting money…this should help to get on the right path.  The collage of names to the right are just a few of the many quality manufacturers available.

Symbols to Look for on Outdoor, Lifestyle and Travel Clothing Tags

The following will help you acquire the best of Lifestyle, Outdoor and Travel Clothing.  Look for these symbols on garment tags you are considering for purchase. You will know you are getting Quality, Affordable and Longevity Apparel. These garments will be some of the most comfortable clothing items made with the latest fabric technology. These are just few of the fantastic fabrics available. These standards assure you are getting good garments from ethical manufacturers who care about the environment. It also represents the best of manufacturing; garments will have a few of these symbols, not all.

Buying Clothing does not have to be a Challenge by Dick Lerner

Buying clothing is challenging, it can be simplified. This is what you can do to make sure you have a good garment. It starts with the fabric. Make sure the fabric is not flimsy, has good weight, hold up in light and make sure you cannot see through it and stitching is tight with little space between stitches. Squeeze and make sure fabric holds its shape and not looked crushed.

Build a year round wardrobe that you can wear all year long. Buy core essential items that will mix n match with what you have. Some of the best clothing can be found in Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers. You can be assured of high standards. Look for clothing that features Fair Trade Manufacturing. This assures your garment is made to the highest standards and not in sub human conditions. Most clothing made is Eco, Sustainable and Organic.

Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp are some of the best fabrics to look for. Most garments are made with stretch, pack n go, easy care, quick dry, wick moisture, UPF+ protection and breathable. The difference is the garments last, don’t break down, quality and affordable. The freebies and lines constantly advertised don’t mean you are getting the best for your money. Get out of the box and see what Kühl, Toad & Co, Prana, 10 Tree and Mountain Khakis have to offer. There is a difference. A great way to build a wardrobe for work, travel or just kickin’ back.