Holiday Shopping 2020 will be different by Dick Lerner, Bel Air Fashions

I was asked to comment on a article about Holiday Shopping, has it started yet? Holiday gift buying is just starting.  With the Pandemic and the Election, it will impact many families this Fall.  A disproportioned number of families are unemployed, working from home and a impending election has caused a lot of disruption.  

Holiday Shopping will be different in 2020.  The election needs to be determined what direction this country is heading.  People for the most part are being very careful when and where they venture out and what is going to be spent.  Many are concerned with the Virus spread which has created very limited foot traffic.  

Another part of this: working from home.  Apparel needs are limited.  Business and leisure travel is pretty much non-existent.  Entertainment is very limited.  Large gatherings at venues may start again in 2021 or 2022.   

Until there are vaccines, not much will change.  There will be online holiday buying and curbside pick up to limit exposure.  The question is, can  restaurants and retailers get to the other side of the pandemic and survive?.  It is more important now than ever to shop local.  

If you want your restaurants and stores to be here after the Pandemic, now is the time to support Shop Local.   Shop local will lead the recovery when this is all over.

Prepare for What Lays Ahead, by Dick Lerner

Prepare for What Lays Ahead by Dick Lerner

The Pandemic has caused a total and complete upheaval across the board.  As we go into later Fall and Winter, products you have been able to find may not be available for some time or not at all.

I am writing to share inquiries that we get.  Searches take more time and are frustrating.  What use to be automatic, is no longer the case. Buying gifts for the holidays? Best advise, start now.  Have 2nd and 3rd choices.  What is available now will diminish! It will probably be 24 to 36 months before things start turning around.

Many retailers and manufacturers are dwindling.  There are voids in the marketplace.  The effects of Covid are: shortages are common place, selections are limited, manufacturers are producing narrower product availability and deliveries are extended out.  Many businesses having issues financially, will continue to go bankrupt and close.  Brick and mortar and online stores are affected.

The pandemic is not over.  Covid policies affects production schedules, hours of operation, which affects product availability and extends out deliveries.  Until vaccines are readily available and the Pandemic is brought under control, Covid policies in place will slow the recovery.  It may be 24 months or so before everything starts turning to a new normal.  There has not been anything like Covid since the 1918 Spanish Flu.  With time, it will get back to  normal, until then this is the actuality.  If you have your favorite Local Business, support them!

Now more than ever, the need for Eco and Sustainable Products has never been more Important than Now! By Dick Lerner, Bel Air Fashions

This year Climate Change has affected so many regions of the USA with the arrid dry hot conditions with more than 30+ wildfires in California alone and in Oregon, Washington and Colorado.  Millions of acres burned to the ground and ruining communities.
The extreme drought in Nebraska and Iowa, the active hurricane season in the Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico which has brought copius amounts of rain, flooding, loss of life and property.
Climate change is real and is going unchecked.  It is time to protect the environment.  There are individuals and organizations that are its best advocates, including the Outdoor Industry Association.
No longer can there be a blind eye to the environment.  This includes sub human work conditions which is the equivalent to slave labor.
As consumers what can be done to insure the environment for future generations?
It all starts with stopping the needless manufacturing of junk that winds up wasting precious resources that fills up the Landfills and the Oceans.  Consumers need to put their feet down, enough is enough!  It is time to rid the waste, the sub human work conditions and demand the manufactures of raw and finished goods are protective of the environment, are eco and sustainable and leave a good carbon footprint that leaves zero emissions.
We care about the present and the reason we have made so many changes in our business starting in 2012.  We know how important the environment is and do not take it lightly.  The USA and the World has a short time to correct what is causing Climate Change.  The Clock is ticking.  Recognizing this, our pledge is to provide the best Eco and Sustainable products.  We
will do our small part.  Just imagine if we all do our small part what an impact that would be on the environment?
In the weeks to come we will be featuring the best of the best companies in the Outdoor Industry Association who are Green, Eco and Sustainable.  We are proud to be in partnership with these outstanding companies.  Kudos to Kühl, Prana and Tasc.