Need to Dress Professionally and Look Your Best…On A Budget? by Dick Lerner

Part II

Develop a Core Essentials Wardrobe that allows you to dress up or down, but right on a moments notice. Your clothing should platinum male 6 29 15be 12 month wear, not seasonal. Fabrics you purchase are good quality, excellent value, high performance, made for long-term wear and classic styled. Fashion is trendy and short lived.

For the best return on your investment that will pay dividends many times over, acquire garments that don’t get dated weeks after purchase, look fresh at the end of that day and will mx-n-match with your wardrobe.

Core essential colors are navy and black. Fabrics have good texture and will coordinate with your wardrobe. Grey Suits jackets should be worn with matching pant, not a good color for mix-n-match. However, the pants are great for navy or black suit jackets.

It doesn’t take a lot of clothes, it takes the right ones that not only look good, but fit well. You are what you wear. Labels do platinum international womens picture 6 29 15not denote quality. There are cheap to expensive fabrics, buy quality materials that are affordable, quality, great value, hold their shape and are going to last. Good fabric will fit well, drape and not cling to the body. So if it is hot and dry or cold and wet, your garment will look great all the time, not like you slept in in 5 minutes after you got dressed.

What makes a garment good is not just the fabric, but what is on the inside that you cannot see: lining, padding, interfacing, thread, etc.

When you are building a wardrobe on a budget, do it right the first time. Its best to buy less, but buy quality, over time you will have a longevity wardrobe that looks great each and every time you get dressed and more expensive than what you paid. There is no substitute for quality.


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Need to Dress Professionally and Look your Best….on a Budget? By Dick Lerner

Your physical health is directly attributed to “you are what you eat” and it is no different for your Professional Image…it is what you wear and shortcomings …what you don’t wear. You don’t need to go bust getting dressed. You can’t take the spots off a leopard, when Professional Clothing is cheaply made, it shows.  There is nothing FREE, you pay for it directly or indirectly. A deal to good to be true is not worth pursuing, in the end you have nothing more than a disposable wardrobe.

prive2Never buy a garment because of a name or designer, that doesn’t mean quality. You don’t want to pay $500 for something that may not be worth $50. This is a set up for disappointment.

A Professional Wardrobe starts with the fabric. Just because the garment says it is a wool, it doesn’t mean its quality. The best way to insure you are getting a good garment use the following as a guide in your search: Merino wool, 2ply, year round, densely woven, silk or wet like feel are the ingredients that you are getting a good fabric. Woven with natural stretch or with 1 or 2% lycra.

There are cheap and expensive grades, there are very good wool fabrics in the middle that are great quality and outstanding value.

You can’t see through the fabrics, they hold up and don’t look like you slept in your garment five minutes after you put it on. Good material you cannot see through like clear plastic wrap and if you crush it in your hand, it springs right back. Good fabric is part of a good garment, the other is what you can’t see: linings, padding, thread, stitch count, buttons – get the picture? If you want to make a great cake, you have to use quality ingredients.

Cheap clothing, cheaply made should never be the underpinnings that become a barrier to your image.

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