Scojo…not your everyday Reader Glasses Manufacturer

Scojo, is a quality manufacturer of functional reader glasses and sunglasses for men and women.  Not your everyday glasses firm.  Besides making wonderful readers, they are connected ingel_reading_glasses_715_1 their local community and abroad.

A portion of profits make important and necessary contributions to those less fortunate.  Its not just the holidays, but evergreen 365 days a year.  Since the founding of Scojo, donations have been made to cooper-st._1140charitable organizations that provide eye care and eyewear to those in need.  Scojo realizes great vision begins through the gift of vision.

Scojo couldn’t do what they do without the support of their customers.  Bel Air Fashions is proud to be a Scojo Dealer and support the work they do.  Not only do clients get great eyewear products but also support this important work.