Give a Gift of Quality

It use to be giving gifts were quality, not so much today.  Many of the trusted brands meant bitterness-of-cheap-225their merchandise was credible and would last.  Today most of these brand names and designers are out of business and their labgifts2els were sold.  Names are just names and haven’t been in business for years.  Much of this merchandise is never sold at regular price only sale prices.

Be wary of this during the holidays as so much of the discounted apparel is good for one thing, cheap price. Here is a good litmus test too know if you have a good garment:  Fabric is smooth, not rough or coarse.  Doesn’t wrinkle when you squeeze it, stitches are tight, not porous and when you hold the garment up in the light you can’t see through the fabric like plastic wrap.

There is not a lot of difference in price between a cheap and quality garment, but a world of difference in how it is made, fit and how long it will last.  This is the true cost of merchandise, in the end the quality garment will be around long after the holidays are over.

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