Buying Clothing does not have to be a Challenge by Dick Lerner

Buying clothing is challenging, it can be simplified. This is what you can do to make sure you have a good garment. It starts with the fabric. Make sure the fabric is not flimsy, has good weight, hold up in light and make sure you cannot see through it and stitching is tight with little space between stitches. Squeeze and make sure fabric holds its shape and not looked crushed.

Build a year round wardrobe that you can wear all year long. Buy core essential items that will mix n match with what you have. Some of the best clothing can be found in Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers. You can be assured of high standards. Look for clothing that features Fair Trade Manufacturing. This assures your garment is made to the highest standards and not in sub human conditions. Most clothing made is Eco, Sustainable and Organic.

Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp are some of the best fabrics to look for. Most garments are made with stretch, pack n go, easy care, quick dry, wick moisture, UPF+ protection and breathable. The difference is the garments last, don’t break down, quality and affordable. The freebies and lines constantly advertised don’t mean you are getting the best for your money. Get out of the box and see what Kühl, Toad & Co, Prana, 10 Tree and Mountain Khakis have to offer. There is a difference. A great way to build a wardrobe for work, travel or just kickin’ back.