Covid-19 Unprecedented Upheaval by Dick Lerner, Bel Air Fashions

I was asked to comment on the effects of Covid-19 this holiday season by a national social media company.  I felt as a co-owner of a 3rd generation locally owned family business the topic was too important not to comment on this blog.  Shop local has been the definition of small business in America; local business is the local community.   Commerce generated stays local.  If you have your favorite local business, support it now! Because they may not be here tomorrow.  Most local businesses are in the fight of their lives to survive, once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Covid-19 is unprecedented and has caused a upheaval in the US Economy that rivals the Great Depression. The result has advanced the economy by 10 to 15 years. Businesses that were in trouble have now been forced into bankruptcy. Literally 1000s of retail brick and mortar doors and online retailers will be closed in the 4th quarter and the country is caught in a unchecked pandemic.

The unemployment is staggering. With that said, holiday business will likely be back to basics; business done likely will be limited at best.  The economy is being totally reset.  Consumers will be guarded with their shopping.  There will be online business however not everything will be bought online.

Consumers when they come out to shop will try to avoid large retail spaces and their shopping preference will be smaller stores. There are gift items consumers want to see and touch especially for giving. It will have to be safe going into a store, not crowded and a clean shopping environment.

The Holidays will be totally different this year. Less stores. I cannot stress enough, if consumers want their stores to survive and be in business they need to shop local.


Walking, Running, Hiking…How often do you think, my feet hurt? By Dick Lerner, Bel Air Fashions

If you feel this way, you’re not alone.  We get asked often, whats wrong and what do I need to? do?

Here are good tips to go by:

1. Know your actual shoe size that fits you.  Most people are miss fit.  Shoes that fit properly, are fit to the arch length of the foot and shoe.  The Foot is not positioned in front or back of the shoe arch, but dead center so the foot and shoe bend right at the break.  Heel to toe length doesn’t mean anything, because toes can be short or long.  If the arch doesn’t break at the proper place, your feet will be uncomfortable and over time can lead to feet issues.  

2. Your feet need to lay flat in the shoe footbed, not crunched in.  Over time you don’t want to develop corns or bunyans.

3. Foot Support.  You need good support for your heel, arch and ball of the foot.  If the shoes are not made with good support, over time planter fascia, under ball of the foot and planter fasciitis – heel pain, can occur; it is pain that makes walking very tough.

It is not the name of the Shoes that matters, but how shoes are made. You want a great cake, you have to use great ingredients.  It is no different in making shoes.  How can you tell the quality that goes into the make of the shoes? You can tell when you try shoes on.  Look to see how they are made.  You can tell right away if the shoe fits and support your feet. Are your feet comfortable? The shoes should almost feel like you are wearing a comfortable pair of slippers.  There should be no break-in period.  Shoes should feel great from the moment you try them on.

Treksta Shoes are great for Hiking, Running, Cross Training.  Nestfit is a trademark of Treksta.  All of their shoes and boots are made with a shoe block that is the shape of the human foot, not the standard woodblock that so many manufactures use.  It is how shoes are made that makes the difference!

What is different for Treksta, is getting shoes designed for a specific purpose: Cross Training, Running, Walking and Hiking.  A number shoes and boots feature Ice Lock, Super Sticky and Hypergrip so you don’t fall on wet or slick surfaces.  Gore-tex Waterproof is another feature, that keep your feet dry and comfortable. 

Marketing a brand of shoes doesn’t mean your buying quality.  For the health of your feet, be a good steward and compare.  It is not about a name, it is how the shoes are made and what goes into them that makes a difference.  There is a difference and Treksta is one lines you will want to explore. 

Outside this Summer/Fall? Don’t take a chance of getting bit by Insects! by Dick Lerner, Bel Air Fashions

If you are going to be out in the Woods, Forest, Mountain Trails or Beach don’t take a chance getting bit by a tick or insect carried diseases.  It is not worth getting Lyme disease, West Nile, Zika, EEE an other diseases.  Protect yourself! InsectShield Apparel puts a barrier between you and insects.  InsectShield is bonded to the clothing and stays there. It does not transfer to your skin.  InsectShield is safe and it works!

InsectShield is available on Men’s and Women’s Hats, Neck Garters, Socks, Long-Sleeve Shirts and Tops, Pants and Outerwear.

The fabrics are high tech, easy care, quick dry, upf+ sun protection and durable.  InsectShield is effective for up to 70 washings.  These garments don’t need to be cleaned very often and you will last.  Protect yourself from getting bit.

Covid-19 – Life with and after, there will be an eventual normal. by Dick Lerner

It is unprecedented with the enormity of Covid-19 and what is has done to everyday life.  No one knew how to plan or what to do as this Tsunami unfolded. It has effected every walk of life in this country and for many it continues.

It has been a total reshuffling of the deck on Jobs and the shut down of the economy.  For many in retail the doors have been closing at an alarming rate, bankruptcies, restaurants and bars closed…a total disruption as life as we know it.

When the time does come for post Corvid-19 and life returns to a new normal and it will, many of the favorite places that we went to eat, shop, brick and mortar or online, may be gone for ever.

Until we reach that point, life will go on.  Best advise is…Plan Ahead!  There are and will continue to be an alarming of business closures and bankruptcies at a rising rate.

If something is coming up…Job Interview, Wedding? They’re shortages occurring worldwide. Covid-19 has affected manufacturing of raw and finished goods.  Shipping is taking much longer and causing massive delays.  Most companies have adopted a Covid-19 Policy, so do understand how different things are than they were 100+ days ago.  Everything is turned on its ear.

Plan for longer wait times for what you may need.  When going into stores it will be common finding shelves completely empty.  Demand has diminished supply.  That supply will take much longer to fullfill, that is if that supplier is still in business.

Plan now…start sooner than later.  If you need help for getting ready for a Job Interview, Wedding…we helped many be ready for that Job Interview or Wedding Day.  We were here daily, when most were closed.

We have and will maintain high Corvid-19 Standards – well after Corvid-19 is in the rear view mirror.  Masks are worn, Social Distancing is observed, we work mostly by appointment and there are only few people in the store at any given time.  After client meetings, everything is wiped down, sanitized and clothing steamed as needed.

If you need help, we are available by Zoom, Facetime and In Store Appointments and many delivery options including curbside.  Our online store is available and so are special orders, made to measure.  We have been helping our clients for over 100 years, we are the same family owned business.  Professional, Lifestyle, Travel Clothing and Weddings are our specialties.