Fall is approaching, and it's time to stock your wardrobe with warmer clothes after the summer. When it comes to fashion for men, a well-fitted suit is a staple wardrobe piece you can mix and match to wear on different occasions. With the fall weather, it's equally important to look stylish to stay warm. Read on to identify three suit materials for your fall wardrobe.

1. Tweed

If you're fashion-for-men-conscious, you will do well to add a tweed suit to your fall wardrobe. Tweed is an iconic fabric made from wool sourced from sheep. Wool is a sustainable fashion for men's materials as it is wholly compostable, according to Gentleman Within. A tweed suit is comfortable to wear as it's allergy friendly.

Tweed is an excellent durable outerwear material, moisture resistant, and low maintenance. It is a lightweight fabric that can keep you cool during the warm fall days while being sturdy enough to keep you warm on the colder days preceding winter, as it has air pockets that form a layer of insulation against the cold. Besides a plain tweed suit, you may also opt for a checked, striped, or herringbone suit.

2. Flannel

When it comes to a suit to expand your fall wardrobe, tweed is an excellent choice. Flannel is soft to the touch and warm, making it an ideal suit fabric for fall. It's made from worsted or carded wool and does not wrinkle easily.

For fashion for men during fall, a flannel suit in bold dark colors projects an understated elegance, especially when paired with matching shoes. Flannel suits are an excellent fashion for men's investment as they are as good for dressing up for formal events such as work as for dressing down during casual events such as parties.

3. Corduroy

Fashion for men is swiftly changing with time, and while previously termed a poor man's velvet, corduroy's softness makes it a fabulous fashion for men. It is characterized by wales or deep ridges on its surface. While widely spaced ridges make a more tenacious outfit, a fabric of narrow wales is smoother and of superior quality. Corduroy is made from cotton, which is a soft, breathable, eco-friendly material. The material is also perfect for fall as it helps keep your body temperature at an optimum level on warm and cold days.

During fall, lightweight fabrics such as tweed work well for hot and cold days. Tweed and flannel are made from wool, a natural environment-friendly material. Additionally, flannel is versatile as you can wear it to attend formal and informal events. Visit our website for all your fall standard wear requirements.