Mens clothing stores generally offer a range of suit styles and cuts. Some are made especially for the average man, while others are tailored to a particular body type. Also, when it comes to getting a wedding suit, some prefer to rent while others choose to buy. According to Fash, the standard cost of renting a tuxedo is $150, with most people spending between $90 and $180. Whether renting or buying, a man should get appropriately measured for a suit that fits his body correctly and looks good. Here are three things to know when getting fitted for a suit.

1. A Fit Begins at The Shoulders

When trying on a suit, the first thing to check is how it fits around the shoulders. If your shoulders are more extensive than usual, or if you are broad-shouldered, the sleeves may be too tight. To test this, pinch your shoulder and see if a tight sleeve pulls it down. On the contrary, if your shoulders are narrow, ensure that they fit correctly in the jacket as well to ensure you will look good.

2. Follow the Line of Your Spine

After that, you should check the line of your back. If you look at a room full of suits, you might see many people with jackets pulled up too high on their backs. This is because the jackets typically have a curved cut, which looks especially odd if you are short in the torso or have a short back. It also happens when designers cut suits for people who are more expansive than average around their shoulders and torso.

3. Adjust the Jacket to Your Waist

The last thing you want to check is the jacket's fit around the waist. If it is too tight, it will inhibit movement. For example, if the back of your suit looks like the bottom half of a barrel when you walk, you probably need to get a bigger size or find one with a slightly more generous cut. Likewise, if there is too much room in there, it will make you look sloppy and unkempt.

When it comes to men's clothing, wearing a suit is about making an excellent first impression. You want to feel confident and look the part - that's why getting the right suit is so important. Always remember, it's not just the size of your suit that matters, but how it fits.

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