The fast fashion industry is one of the most harmful influences on our fragile planet. The clothes that are stocked in malls all around the world are generally produced extremely cheaply, due to globalization and artificially low wages on factory floors. They are also toxic, being produced with various unhealthy chemicals that build up as residues.

Unfortunately, they don't last long. Fashion producers want consumers to buy new clothes every season, so there is no incentive for them to produce the kinds of clothes that will last for years and years - especially since those clothes would cost a lot more, and the entire point of the fashion market has been to reduce the cost of everything so it becomes easier to buy on impulse.

Eco sustainable clothing is the opposite of fast fashion. Eco-friendly clothing is kinder to workers, less toxic, and much more durable than the average fast fashion garment.


Producing clothes isn't very sustainable under the model we have now. It takes 7,000 liters of water to make a pair of jeans! Eco sustainable clothing is produced using methods that are less resource-intensive and kinder to the environment. By producing clothes with materials that have less of an impact on the planet, we can ensure that we'll be able to keep producing clothes sustainably for many generations to come.

Healthier Materials

Many of the processes used to produce clothes involve heavy chemicals. The more we can avoid contact with these noxious substances, the better.

Eco sustainable clothing is produced from materials like silk and organic cotton that have not been treated with chemicals. Eco-friendly clothing is more durable than fast fashion, and producing organic cloth often uses more traditional methods.

It's Cheaper (In the Long Run)

The best eco sustainable clothing is probably more expensive than something comparable, from a fast-fashion brand on Amazon. This is not because eco-friendly clothing is expensive - it is because fast fashion has become artificially cheap.

Good clothes cost more than just a few pennies, but they also last much longer. Eco-friendly clothing costs more upfront but less overall, considering how long it can be worn.

The Choice

Ecologically responsible clothing has many advantages, beyond saving the planet. It is healthier, more sustainable, and even cheaper in the long run!