I recently wrote an Article on bottom foot pain, biggest cause? Most people in wrong size shoes and shoes not made well or with good support.

Make sure you know your correct shoe size. Most people don’t know it. If your foot is a 9 1/2 medium, that is the size to look for. All shoes are not made on the same last (wood block) or made the same way. Cheaply made shoes is the same difference of wearing a shoe box on each foot.

Get the right fit, know your Arch Width. This is the widest part of your foot (the Arch) that needs to be fit where the shoe bends. Your foot should not be in front or back of the break of the shoe, but dead center. Your feet need to be able to lay flat, not rubbing on your big or little toe. When you walk, your feet and shoes are bending one on top of the other.

Only buy shoes that have a cushioned insole or foam insole as this will cushion your foot from the shock of the pavement. Nothing is worse than nerve pain on the bottom of the foot. This doesn’t happen overnight, this comes from years of miss fitting. Over time without the footbed cushioned this is what causes pain under the ball and rest of the foot.

In summary, fit your feet to the arch width, not heel to toe length and only buy shoes with a cushioned footbed; you will notice a immediate difference pain being diminished.

Shoes should be lightweight, support your arch and the rest of your feet. Comfort will feel like you are wearing bedroom slippers. If you need help, be sure to contact Bel Air Fashions, shoe fitting is our expertise. There is a difference!