Don’t Take Chances Outside with Insect Bites This Fall by Dick Lerner

In 2017 and continues today, the Outdoor Recreation segment has been among the fastest growing components of the USA Economy.  With that said, people are partaking in outdoor activities in greater numbers.  As a result there is greater exposure to the Sun and Bug Bites.

Recently in Michigan and now Connecticut, mosquitos have been discovered carrying Eastern Equine Encephalitis disease.

Unfortunately there have been recent deaths as a result of the EEE disease and currently no treatment or vaccinations.  Authorities are telling people to wear long-sleeves and cover up and avoid being outside at peak times.

Insect Shield Apparel will help guard against ticks carrying lyme disease and mosquitos carrying malaria, yellow fever and zika to name a few.

Insect Shield Apparel helps keeps insects away.  Insect Shield is a process that is bonded to the apparel, it stays on the clothing, not on the skin.  Insect Shield lasts up to 70 washings.  Don’t take a chance this Fall contracting a insect borne disease, protect yourself.  

Insect Shield is available in men’s and women’s apparel, long-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve crews, jackets, pants, hats, neck garters and socks.  If you need further information or help be sure to contact Bel Air Fashions.

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