Feet Hurt? Is it the Socks? Shoes? Both? By Dick Lerner

Feet Hurt? Most of the time it’s not the Shoes, it is the Socks are too thin.  There is no cushion and the fabric is a cotton, nylon or polyester. What will make a difference how your feet and legs will feel?  Shoes should be fit by the arch length, not heel to toes.  Toes can very in length, the arch width of  your feet needs to fit flush in the arch of the shoe; not forward or back.  The arch width needs to be wide enough not to cause corns or bunions.  When your feet hurt wearing your shoes its because your socks are too thin and have no cushion.

To solve this is best to get cushioned insole socks, made of washable merino wool.  Merino Wool absorbs sweat and doesn’t stink.  It adds cushion between your feet and shoes and actually feels very comfortable.  When feet hurt this is the best remedy.

When legs feel fatigued, tired and no support, the best socks are over-the-calf mild or firm compression merino wool stretch socks.  These socks give great support and promotes good leg circulation.  When sitting for a long time there is nothing better to wear.  Socks have a cushioned footbed and what a difference at the end of day how your legs and feet will feel.  Socks make the difference.  If you need more information or help, please contact Bel Air Fashions.

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