Fitting Apps are only as good as they are Programmed by Dick Lerner

There are certain areas Apps are great for and others not so much.  Apps are only as good as they are programmed.  Apps don’t think and cannot make a decision.  When it comes to measuring Apps they will never replace Perkins measuring devices used for Made to Measure Clothing. It takes years of experience, training and a good eye to recognize what measurements are telling the individual measuring. When measurements for example are revealing the neck may be forward and shoulders are rounded, pitched forward this is all noted when blue penciling a pattern.  Measuring apps are programmed for general measurements and patterns, not for unique fittings.

Much of the marketing media promotes measuring apps as being more accurate than a tailor, not exactly. May be fine for a general size pattern assuming everyone is a perfect size and assumes no changes. Every body has its own unique characteristics and that is where old fashion measuring and a trained eye make the difference. Skill sets will never be replaced by a APP.  A garment can be only as good as the measurements taken. It requires a lot of information, for example when making a made to measure suit, it can take around 300 or more operations over the course of weeks to make a great garment; not in 24 hours. When something is represented as custom, cheap price and replaces a tailor, think again you get what you pay for.  If you want a garment to last and feel and look great each time is it worn, it all starts who is measuring, where and how it is made and what fabrics, linings, etc.  If you want a great cake, it takes great ingredients, there is no substitute and that is why there is a difference with made to measure.

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