This Year will be a challenge to get Holiday Gifts to their destination on time. OnLine Shopping has increased substanially this Fall, especially the closer we get to the Holidays.

UPS, FedEx and the United States Post Office have Covid Policies in place for safety. The issue is especially for FedEX and UPS they have been overwhelmed from all the OnLine Purchases from OnLine and Brick and Mortar Retailers. There are infastructure issues to handle all the extra packages and overage, distribution space, enough trucks and drivers.

Most of the year during Covid deliveries are not guaranteed and especially now in the Holiday rush. Plan your purchases and shipping before December 15th or the packages may not make it before Christmas. It is just the way everything is. Also take into account the world wide supply chain has been severly impacted by Covid.

It may be time to safely visit your Local Retail Store as it has always been here for you, your families before there ever were OnLine Stores.

Brick and Mortar has been here for generations taking care of family needs year round and more importantly during the Holidays. Local stores have taken part making donations, supporting local charities, etc. When you needed them, they were there for you.

THESE LOCAL STORES NEED YOU, NOW!! They may not be here tomorrow. If YOU want them to be here, they need your support. If it is a gift card or take out order from a local restaurant, a childrens store or any local merchant, now is the time.

You may have seen this on the national and local news, this is real and now! We are huge advocates of SHOP LOCAL. If it wasn’t for SHOP LOCAL, our business wouldn’t have thrived over 3 generations (100+ years) as a continuous family LOCALLY OWNED Business. We don’t want to see anyone fold; the end of Covid is in sight with the vaccines coming.

It may very well be The Local Stores will have what you need for local curbside delivery. Be served by stores that provide outstanding customer service and your business is appreciated! Most important, your money stays in the local community!