How to Dress and Look Professional for Summer by Dick Lerner, CCC, CWC, Author of Dress Like The Big Fish

Professional Dress during summer heat can look crisp and comfortable with the right choices, especially fabric selection.  Wool often gets a bad wrap because it is hot and scratchy.  There is cheap wool and good wool, it is knowing what to pick.

modern grey suit men

Merino wool woven in a 2-ply weave that is approximately a 9 oz. weight that is a super 120s, 140s and 150s weave are the best fabrics as they breathe and hold their shape.  A good wool garment is like a thermos, keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It does the same thing for the merino wool sheep.

toad marley dress

There are many grades of wool, it is selecting the one that is durable, hold its shape and will always look good over time.  It is a natural fiber.  Merino wool, genetically has lanolin in the fiber, next to the skin, is very comfortable.

Merino wool jackets, skirts and pants are ideal for women and suits for men.  Wool has great tensile strength, excellent shape retention, and the fabric breathes.  Pick year round
wool fabrics for best overall appearance.

Part II to follow.

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