Today, fashion for men is in the spotlight. Every man should own at least one suit. Owning a suit, especially one purchased from a brand focused on eco-friendly and sustainable operations, requires garment grooming skills.

Whether you have a three-piece suit, tuxedo, or a more casual suit, you must keep your suit fresh and clean. You've spent money on fashion for men by purchasing a suit. Now it's time to follow the simple steps below to guarantee your suit continues to look sharp.

Lighten the Load in Your Pockets

The first thing you can do to keep your suit in great shape is lightening the load in your pockets. Bulky items in suit pockets can completely throw off the silhouette. Over time, carrying too much will alter the shape and stretch pocket liners. Carry only the essentials to keep your suit in ideal condition.

Give Your Suit a Rest

Wearing a new suit feels fabulous and makes you look well-dressed. However, a suit requires time to rest on a hanger to retain its shape. It's also a great idea to let your suit air out for a few days.

Keep Your Suit Tidy with a Suit Brush

While your suit is airing out, give it a quick brush to remove lint, specks of dust, dirt, and tiny particles lodged in the fabric. An excellent suit brush is necessary when it comes to fashion for men. The soft bristles effectively mesh between suit fibers for a tidy cleaning. In just 15 seconds, you could extend the life of your suit by a decade.

You Don't Always Have to Dry Clean Your Suit

While keeping your suit clean is imperative, it's important you do not dry clean it after every wear. Dry cleaning is hard on suits. It's time to have suits dry cleaned when they look limp, dirty, or have an odor.

Use a Steamer

Inevitably a suit will wrinkle. Steaming is the ideal way to remove wrinkles since a dry iron will burn fine fabric fibers. Steam effortlessly releases minor stains, creases, marks, and funky odors.

Did you know you could reduce your impact on the planet just by taking care of your suit? When you purchase suits from sustainable and ethical fashion brands and keep them in great condition, you are doing just that. Fashion for men can be eco-friendly when you do your part.