Now that you are Graduating, assemble your Wardrobe to help you get Hired! By Dick Lerner

Make an investment in yourself that will not only give you a great return, butmodern suit mens lt grey will pay dividends many times over. If you want a great paying career, you need to look the part without going broke. Never buy clothing because of a name or label. The foundation of your wardrobe is your fabric choices, materials that go into making the garment (items you can’t see under the lining), style of the garments and how the garments will tailor and fit you.

Develop a core essentials wardrobe, one that is year round, good for all climates for 12 month wear, not seasonal. Wardrobe selections allow you to dress up or down your wardrobe, but dressed right. Make your age a asset not a liability. Your dress and appearance can make or break you. Fashion is trendy, here and gone, classic styles are enduring.

pb 2You don’t have to dress like your grandfather as there a variety of styles available. The best professional clothing styles are classic and modern fit. Certain body types can wear modern fit, while others it is classic. The worse fit is wearing clothing that is too short and tight. It is one thing to stand, the other is you have to be able to sit down without blowing out the fabric and defining the outline of your undergarments.

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