Prepare for What Lays Ahead by Dick Lerner

The Pandemic has caused a total and complete upheaval across the board. As we go into later Fall and Winter, products you have been able to find may not be available for some time or not at all.

I am writing to share inquiries that we get. Searches take more time and are frustrating. What use to be automatic, is no longer the case. Buying gifts for the holidays? Best advise, start now. Have 2nd and 3rd choices. What is available now will diminish! It will probably be 24 to 36 months before things start turning around.

Many retailers and manufacturers are dwindling. There are voids in the marketplace. The effects of Covid are: shortages are common place, selections are limited, manufacturers are producing narrower product availability and deliveries are extended out. Many businesses having issues financially, will continue to go bankrupt and close. Brick and mortar and online stores are affected.

The pandemic is not over. Covid policies affects production schedules, hours of operation, which affects product availability and extends out deliveries. Until vaccines are readily available and the Pandemic is brought under control, Covid policies in place will slow the recovery. It may be 24 months or so before everything starts turning to a new normal. There has not been anything like Covid since the 1918 Spanish Flu. With time, it will get back to normal, until then this is the actuality. If you have your favorite Local Business, support them!