While most winter clothing is heavy and harmful to the environment, the fabrics on this list are all eco friendly clothing made with the appropriate materials.
Without further ado, these are great fabric options that are constantly present in eco friendly clothing.


Made by Champion, Duofold is a lightweight polyester fabric that works as under-layer cold protection. Duofold features the “Champion Vapor Technology” that traps vapor and sweat, keeping you dry. Although Duofold sounds like a high-tech fabric, it is very affordable and easy to find.


Wool is the undisputable fabric to use for winter, as it is considered one of the softest and warmest fabrics around the world. Wool is also a highly sustainable fabric, as it can absorb more than 40 percent of its weight in moisture without getting wet.


When searching for durable fabric, you need to make sure it works for cold weather while also serving as eco-friendly clothing. Gore-Tex is a waterproof, windproof, and breathable material that works best as an under-layer fabric against cold weather.


Down is another great option for a cold-weather fabric, although it can be expensive, as it's composed of feathers of ducks and geese. Down is a natural insulator, which is why it is a good option for eco friendly clothing like sweaters and jackets.

Merino Wool

Although we have already discussed wool as a cold-weather fabric, Merino wool is different from it, as it's softer and more expensive than regular wool. Merino wool comes from – you guessed it – Merino sheep, and this fabric combines comfort with style and works wonders in cold weather.


Thinsulate is a popular synthetic fabric used as an insulator, created by 3M. This type of fabric is thin enough to use outdoors and be comfortable, but it can keep you warm as if you were using a wool coat. Thinsulate is one of the most used fabric insulators in the market and is constantly present in eco friendly clothing.

These fabrics are perfect for keeping you dry and warm without compromising the environment, as they are present in most winter brands.