2020 will go down like no other. Hopefully the Pandemic will eventually be contained so normal life can resume. Along with the Pandemic, the alarms ⏰ have been going off with what is happening with the Global Climate Change. There is a window of about 8 to 10 years to get positive change to protect the environment. This is very, very real and will effect everyday life if the daily damage is not reversed and soon!

The Outdoor Industry Association is a leader in this fight as are many manufacturers and stores are advocating a safe, eco and sustainable environment. I have written on this subject numerous times. How do we all contribute to its success?, It starts now with gift giving. ( Please see courtesy video by Prana’s President, Russ Hopcus, narrating Clothing for Positive Change.)  

Questions that should be asked is “what is the value of what is being bought”? Is the gift something that will likely fall apart prematurely, not last and so on. There is no free lunch, it’s the free lunch that is the trouble. It lands in the landfill or dumped in the oceans.

Is this the kind of world we want, especially for future generations. Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is now as precious resources are being taxed. Everything will have irreversible permament damage if the course is not changed.

Look for eco and sustainable gifts, manufacturers that protect the environment and leave a positive carbon footprint. Their goods are fair trade items that are made with intergrity and not in sub human conditions. Garments are made of down, bamboo, organic cotton, wool and recycled wool, polyester made from plastic items that are dumped in the oceans. These are just a few of the fabrics used in the technologies that will protect the future of the environment and slow down the waste.

There is a time to start and the holidays is as good time as any.