More now than ever before. Be safe and good health is all we can hope for until Covid is finally brought under control. The country has literally been brought to a standstill. With the hope of the vaccines on the horizon, the United States can eventually reset to a new beginning.

In the over 100 years our family business has been in existence we couldn’t have done it without the local community, it was the community that wanted us to thrive and be in business. This has been without a doubt a very challenged year. SHOP LOCAL has never been more important than right now! If you have your favorite places you do business with, shop with them now and beyond. If we all want businesses to remain, now is the time – they need your help!

Big Stores can take care of themselves. This year has not been kind with so many bankruptcies and restaurants and stores out of business; never to return. Hopefully the unemployed will eventually get the job skills to once again find work, families will retain shelter – no evictions, and get the much needed food to sustain their family unit.

Wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands has never been more important than now to stop this deadly virus! All this and more is so very important to get the United States on a path to recovery and normal everyday life can once again continue.

We have Covid Policies in place for safety. It is safe to shop in store. We have our Online Stores, delivery is FREE on $99 regular price purchases and curbside delivery. Zoom and Facetime are available if you are looking for a gift we can show you what is available on the calls. Do know this year there are severe supply chain disruptions. There is merchandise and its best to have 2 or 3 choices in case your first request is not available. It will take 18 to 24 months for everything to recover. You may notice many items are sold out, not available online and empty shelves in stores.

Despite all that has transpired, we are Thankful for our clients and serving their needs over the course of time in Omaha. We all look for better days ahead and a time once again when normal everyday life returns.