If you've been invited to a wedding, you may be wondering what is and isn't appropriate to wear for the occasion. Different weddings require different levels of formality, so it's important to know what type of clothing for men is best for the wedding you'll be attending. Here's an explanation of what some of the most common dress codes mean for men.

White Tie

White tie is the most formal wedding dress code. For a white tie wedding, you'll need to wear a black or white evening coat (preferably with tails), matching trousers, a white shirt, black patent leather shoes, and a white bow tie. To truly achieve the white tie look, your bow tie should be hand-tied.

Black Tie

Black tie is somewhat less formal than white tie. Black tie clothing for men consists of a dark-colored tuxedo, a white shirt, black patent leather shoes, and a black bow tie. You may also wish to wear a waistcoat or cumberbund, but these items aren't strictly required.


Semi-formal or cocktail dress codes are much less strict than black tie, and there are no concrete rules for what is and isn't acceptable to wear. While you'll need to wear a jacket, you don't necessarily need a tie or bow tie, and you can feel free to experiment with unconventional colors or patterns if you like.


Destination weddings in tropical settings will often require beach attire. In this situation, it's best to wear a suit in a light color like tan, light gray, white, or light blue. Blazers in lighter materials like linen are also appropriate. Ties and bow ties are not typically required for beach weddings, and there's usually no need to wear formal shoes.


While there are no strict rules for casual wedding attire, it's still important to dress in a way that shows your respect for the couple getting married. A nice pair of trousers with a button-down shirt is usually a safe choice.

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