What to look for getting good Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing by Dick Lerner

There is way too much marketing and cheap prices being promoted in the marketplace on names and labels that have been acquired and not in business for years.  Merchandise promoted by a Celebrity or Influencer does not assure you are are getting quality apparel.  Much of the merchandise being pushed is on sourced products not manufactured by the company.  Unfortunately, most of what is being promoted are cheap prices, cheaply made, doesn’t fit or last.

What do you look for in Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing? Are Companies privately owned or they equity/venture capital firms? Look for companies that manufacture their merchandise. Products are fair trade mercantile, eco, sustainable and  company makes a positive carbon footprint.  The merchandise produced are with the latest fabrics and technology.

If you want a great cake you have to make it with great ingredients and that is what the best Lifestyle and Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers do – season in…season out.  Their products are great quality, fit and last.  If you are looking to get your wardrobe to the next level and quit the cycle of wasting money…this should help to get on the right path.  The collage of names to the right are just a few of the many quality manufacturers available.

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