Mens clothing often winds up at the dry cleaners for care. Is it always the right choice to dry clean your clothing, though? The answer may surprise you. In fact, some garments should always be dry cleaned, others should not.

These Types of Mens Clothing Should Always Be Dry Cleaned

There are some types of mens clothing that really do need professional attention to keep them looking their best. For example, mens suits should always be dry cleaned to keep them in great condition.

A great tip is to be sure that you always bring the suit jacket and the pants to the dry cleaners at the same time. Dry cleaning one part of the suit without the other will result in a noticeable difference in the color of the suit.

Garments that are made of linen or silk should always be dry cleaned. Collared shirts that need to be starched should also go to the dry cleaner.

Here Are Some Garments You Should Not Dry Clean

There are some garments that you do not have to dry clean. Denim, wool, and cotton garments do not need to be dry cleaned. For example, if you want to keep your denim garments looking sharp, you can have them dry cleaned, but leave the wool sweater at home.

Depending on which dry cleaner you use, they may offer sweater service, which means that you can add your wool sweater to the pile of clothes going to the dry cleaner. Dry cleaners often offer a range of professional laundry services in addition to dry cleaning services.

Casual clothing like athletic wear, gym clothes, and other garments that are made from nylon, and other synthetics do not have to go to the dry cleaner. Casual clothing can easily be washed at home.

Read The Label

The best way to determine what should and what should not go to the dry cleaner is to read the care label on the garment. Not all mens clothing needs to go to the dry cleaner, but most clothing can go to the dry cleaner.

Dry Cleaning Can Be a Great Time Savings

A hectic lifestyle can leave little time to care for your garments. Most mens clothing can go to the dry cleaner for professional services. If time is tight, the dry cleaner can be an easy way to keep your clothes looking great.